VIDEO: New York Shopkeeper Records How Mayor DeBlasio is Targeting the Jewish Community

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)



The bizarre fixation by the Mayor takes on an added meaning when seen from the street level.

For reasons known only to him, New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio  has been particularly militant when it comes to enforcing his pandemic policies on the city’s Jewish population. He has displayed a string of curious decisions that have particularly impacted specific Jewish areas of the city when it comes to employing tactics said to be made in the name of public safety. The charges of anti-Semitism against DeBlasio only become more realistic now.

In April he came down hard on practitioners following a funeral has gone after Jewish funeral, and then in June, when citizens dared to go outside and enjoy liberty he ordered the gates welded shut at a park in a Jewish community. He also has had harsh words when these same people have taken to the streets to protest the treatment they have received from the city government. Now, on the heels of the Mayor publicly meeting and apologizing to Jewish leaders we see another example of his overly harsh and targeted measures.

A video has come out that was made by a local business owner, a Jewish proprietor who serves food at Mixed Greens Cafe, located at 2486 Coney Island Avenue. In accordance with the still-in-place strict mandates for food emporiums the shopkeeper serves only take-out meals, in an effort to cobble together whatever business he can, however the video shows him being cited by a local inspector. 

The agent, as can be seen, is not at all interested in a discussion. The owner is being punished over the pandemic ordinance against seated dining, even though there are no diners in his establishment. The supposed infraction is that he had his front door open. 

Says the agent, explaining the summons, ‘’You are only supposed to have takeout and delivery out the door.’’ Note something in this exchange; the order by the city is so strict as to ban ANY personal interactions inside the establishment, in the name of scientific prevention of Covid spread — yet he is perfectly permitted to be inside, and issuing the violation order well within the 6 feet of mandated separation.

This is the insanity of governmental overreach on full display. If they were actually intent with their dictates in the name of safety the agent would have himself remained outside, leaving the summons for the proprietor while maintaining a six foot separation. Instead he is being cited for direct personal interaction, which was not taking place, and served notice via direct personal interaction.

DeBlasio may be straining to be apologetic towards the Orthodox citizens in the media, but he is clearly remaining antagonistic towards the Jewish community through the actions of his office.