RedState Takes Over the Townhall Podcast War For The White House

RedState Takes Over the Townhall Podcast War For The White House
Townhall Media


A chance to hear the writers you read as they cover the current campaign news.

Leading up to next month’s presidential election Townhall Media has a twice-weekly podcast series, The War For The White House. In the latest episode the managers of the syndicate lowered their standards and turned over the show to RedState. Thomas LaDuke, Scott Hounsell, and Brad Slager joined microphones to go over the very active slate of activity from the weekend up to today.

The Amy Coney Barrett confirmation was discussed, and the judge is running circles around most of her opponents. Moving into the the election there was plenty to dig through. President Trump is ramping up his well-attended rallies once again while Joe Biden is managing to draw almost a dozen to his events.

Also looked into were the polling numbers and why there are more valid measurements to look at which are delivering some surprising results, and particular swing states are analyzed to reveal some encouraging news for the President. Also discussed is some of the self-created problems for Joe Biden, and a very odd campaign commercial from the Democrats that attempts to support the US Postal Service by using the worst possible spokesman for that organization.

Come sit in and listen to some of the writers you are familiar reading — and try not to judge too harshly.

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