Press Needs Treatment for Anonymous Source Addiction as They Ignore the Medical Experts Treating President Trump

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Dr. Sean Conley, physician to President Donald Trump, briefs reporters at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020. Trump was admitted to the hospital after contracting the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Think how often these same scolds love to accuse Trump and conservatives of ignoring science…

It is a sight to behold. With the President in the hospital to be treated for his positive Covid result the media has been in a small frenzy for information. Today a press conference was held by those treating President Trump and the press have been engaged in a  truly remarkable display. After the doctors detailed things for the journalists and basically announced that President Trump was in good condition the tide of information completely shifted.

Suddenly members of the press pool were furiously sending out messages stating that there was a problem with President Trump’s condition.

A source’’. That was the origination of the quotes, and it was somehow used as equal in footing with the doctors who spoke on the record to Trump’s condition. You quickly got the sense that the press was almost cheerleading for the President to be in physical distress.


So what exactly is going on here? Who was this White House member giving details of the President’s condition that had the press all a titter? Well — they have no idea. Oliva Nuzzi, from New York Magazine, explains the sourcing.

Now let us take a moment to allow this to sink in. These journalists had no idea who sent them this email, yet instead of looking into the matter and ferreting out if this was even a valid source of information — to say nothing of whether what was being said was in any accurate — they simply ran the quote out for the public, and they used it to undermine the credibility of the physicians.

Tim Mak, who above described the doctors’ comments as being ”shredded’’ is a self-described ”Investigative Reporter’’ for NPR. Notably he could not be bothered with investigating these stray quotes and whether there was anything approaching validity in what was said. Nope, it is just run with the unattributed information and insist these comments carry more weight than the words of the physicians.

This is the same press corps that declares the President ignores the words of medical professionals. These are the journalists who have spent months implying that Republicans resist the words of trained doctors. These are the media who love to say conservatives hate science. Now today they attend a press conference staged by highly trained medical professionals who have first-hand knowledge of what is taking place with President Trump, but they choose to instead say that all it takes to render their diagnosis as useless is to receive an email from an unknown entity. 


Hard to believe these same journalists who have had a collection of bombshell news stories reliant upon anonymous sources blow up in their faces are today running wild with an anonymously-sourced email. Wait, a correction is needed — with the rabid behavior we have seen from the press for years now, this is not at all hard to believe.


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