Claims of No Voter Fraud Continue Despite Examples and Now Arrests Made in Texas

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 The same press saying fraud cases do not exist sure miss out on press reports saying otherwise.

While the controversy over mail-in voting has raged on, it eventually has become something of a reality. With most states offering some version of a mail-in vote option — and at least 5 states going with a blanket ballot mailer to all voters — many in the media are insistent that there are no problems with the voting process to be found. Just ignore those niggling details like thousands of duplicate ballots being sent. Trivialities, those!


Of course, today we have reports out from Project Veritas on the concerted efforts at ballot harvesting taking place in the Minneapolis district of Ilhan Omar. This all but confirms the concerns raised by President Trump about such issues, concerns he has been mocked over for being a partisan fear monger on the subject. It also becomes more reason for the press to avoid reporting on these details; the last thing they would support are facts that prove the President correct.

News out of Texas also disrupts the press narrative of clean elections. The Attorney General from that state has declared arrests have been made from voting law violations from the 2018 midterm elections. 4 individuals have been taken into custody — including one district commissioner — charged collectively with over 130 felonies, involving voter fraud and ballot tampering. The group is charged primarily with falsifying mail-in ballots.

Prior to this election, Texas law stipulated that mail-in voting was only permitted to the elderly, the disabled, or those incarcerated. The falsified votes were cast in the name of those who were claimed to be disabled, and done without the permission of voters. The commissioner in question — Shannon Brown — won his seat by only 5 votes, in a district where an inordinate amount of mail-in votes from claimed disabled citizens were found. 

The attorney for the candidate who lost in the election stated that the ballot harvesting in question has been taking place in this largely Democratic party district for years in the area. To reach the point of arrests made means this extends beyond simple claims or grievances filed. Contrast this with the hysterics we saw last month in the media over the supposed postal service manipulations by the Trump administration. The howls over alleged steps to suppress the vote disappeared quickly under the scrutiny of facts. Yet, when confronted with numerous cases of actual fraud, the silence is more than notable.


The amazing aspect is that as much as the press loves to claim that voter integrity is needed they collectively shrug at instances of voting laws being broken. When conspiracy theories are given more headlines than the actual cases of fraud there is a certain feel that collusion is at play.


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