Rick Wilson and The Lincoln Project are Outraged About a SCOTUS Appointment and You Need to Ask, Why?

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If an event exposes that being Never-Trump is more important to them than being conservative, this could be it.

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has set the political world aflame, and numerous figures have been rising up to promise that there will be outrage and violence in the streets if a Court appointment is made by the Senate ahead of the election. How this will be distinguishable to the other outrages and violence in the street is not spoken, but the fact that grown adults are admitting to throwing a petulant infantile tantrum is not lost on the sober thinking individuals.


Joining the fray of insolent and indolent minds was Rick Wilson, and his opposition outfit The Lincoln Project. They have bravely stepped forward to join the shrieking children to express their disdain for the thought that an appointment could be made soon.

There is some balanced political thought. He is referring that The Lincoln Project will resort to its formal practice of grifting its donors by cutting a factually-challenged commercial on the cheap, and then paying out exorbitant fees to the production companies, which are owned by the membership. In preparation TLP released a statement about the prospect of a court appointment, something a number of groups war perplexing doing this weekend.

There is rampant hilarity in this screed, just beginning with the fact they, ‘’Look forward to a return to decency and decorum in this country.’’ This is the same organization with the vulgar and obscene Rick Wilson as a board member, understand. 

But looking deeper into this distemper you are struck by something. The Lincoln Project, and the greater Never-Trump cabal in general, are really delivering something of a paradox here. It is something that they seem utterly oblivious to in their outrage, and it takes only a trifle of analysis to expose the problem.


Let us all just pause for a moment and ask what seems an obvious question — Why do these NT figures hate Donald Trump so much? There are a number of correct answers initially, from drawing away their personal power, to upsetting the political system, to serving as a means of their newfound money-making scheme. But all of this can either fall under the subject of — or at least derive from, — a basic truth: Donald Trump is not a conservative.

This has been the mission statement from all of these folks from the time of Trump earning the GOP nomination. Preserving conservatism has always been the rallying cry of these hectoring political operatives, and it is under this guise that they hurl insults and derision at anyone trending close to supporting a GOP idea these days. But in their desire to brashly announce their opposition their message has completely become adrift. So resolute is their hatred that now they loudly proclaim to support anyone and any policy that is not Trump-related, meaning they frequently oppose the very conservative standards they hold up to justify their hatred.

Just look over the matter of SCOTUS appointments. If you spoke with a calm-thinking person who is a conservative yet holds no love for the President they will undoubted say there have been some surprising benefits to a Trump Presidency. His support of pro-life policies, strengthening of the military, the tax cuts, and more have been pleasant surprises. One primary benefit has been in the case of court appointments.


Looking even beyond the Supreme Court, Federal benches have been filled for years by Mitch McConnell, to such a degree that the courts have largely been transformed, meaning they have been brought back to the practice of actually practicing the law and not legislating from the benches. California’s long-warped 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been tilted back to a more pragmatic entity. This is one of the areas where the unfathomable concept of a Hillary Clinton packing courts with activists should send a chill.

But Wilson, TLP, and the NT sect want all of this placed on hold, all for the possible outcome of a Joe Biden presidency. Why?! If you are claiming to be anything approaching a conservative in today’s climate what could possibly be a benefit of a Biden SCOTUS appointment over the current administration? Hatred of Trump aside, you should be able to recognize he has delegated the court work to those more knowledgeable on the matter, leading to actual conservative appointments.

The irony this is even something Wilson has acknowledged. The man who loves dredging up old Trump quotes to contradict his current stances has himself built up a catalogue of tripwire past comments. As Rick enjoys saying, ‘’There’s always a tweet.’’


These are not serious people, and like all the other bleating voices heard right now rationality is abandoned in favor of emotional catharsis. You can lay claim to opposing a man all you like, but when you fight against even your own best interests because there could be an attachment to the person you detest you are no longer a learned political voice; you are a spurned lover who will do anything to harm your former partner, even it delivers far more harm to yourself.

These are people who need therapy, not people we need to listen to on important matters.


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