Everything Is Fine - Try Not to Read Anything Into Michael Bloomberg Pledging to Spend $100 Million in Florida for Biden

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He’s doing this despite widespread polls showing an easy victory…?

It might seem like a generation ago, in this year of the pandemic, but it was early in the year when former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a late push to run for the Presidency on the Democratic party ticket. Bloomberg announced his intention to run around last Thanksgiving and dropped an obscene amount of money on his campaign. Now it seems that he has plenty more money to burn to help defeat President Donald Trump.


Axios is reporting that the billionaire is planning on spending $100 million in the state of Florida to help boost the campaign of Kamala Harris and her running mate Joe Biden. This is regarded as being possibly the most crucial win for the election as it is traditionally a toss-up state. Trump narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton 49 – 47.8%, and a victory by the Harris-Biden campaign would be considered a ‘’knockout blow’’, according to Axios.

There is excitement and anticipation in the press to this influx of support in the Sunshine State, delivering a feeling of enthusiasm that actually belies a problem for Democrats. While the intention obviously is to be upbeat, Bloomberg’s checkbook presents a reality that few want to acknowledge. Trump has pulled into a legitimate tie with Biden here, and this is certainly a worse reality given the slant of the polls. 

Nationwide, the President has been seeing his approval with Hispanics rising, which is a larger voting block than Biden’s assured black vote and a crucial reality in this state where they comprise about 20% of the voting base. To go with this, there have been rumblings from within the state party base that Biden’s national campaign is in disarray concerning the Florida field offices working for the Latino voters, going so far as to say they are suppressing the Latino turnout. 

The morning news shows have been gleeful in the announcing of this proposed spend, but that is an attempt to mask uncomfortable realities. Clearly, if the Democrats were doing well there would not be this need for third-world GDP infusion into the campaign, but there is another reason the excitement over the pledge to buy Florida voters is less than impressive — Bloomberg’s own record.


From the time he announced last November, Bloomberg spent a literal fortune on his campaign. The former mayor employed a team of thousands and bought air time for carpet bombing campaign commercials nationwide. It managed to grant him a seat at a couple of debates with the goal of making a severe impact on Super Tuesday, propelling him to either the nomination, or at least forcing a brokered convention. He managed to garner no more than 44 delegates, with his only ‘’victory’’ on that Tuesday being American Samoa, a territory that does not even provide delegates. 

In the end, his campaign lasted only 100 days, an effort that saw him set ablaze the sum of $550 million. Yet there is supposed to be excitement over his desire to repeat this result in Florida? While his dollar totals were certainly impressive that was not money spent on hiring quality staff. His campaign, if it can be called that, involved a social marketing team that failed in the attempt to match the snark and savvy seen from some corporate Twitter feeds, failing worse than a Dad-joke that your father retells at every gathering.

They had released bizarre attempts at viral content, including one involving a plate of meatballs with Bloomberg’s head superimposed on one flesh sphere. Yes – seriously. That effort was so poorly received that one of the Bloomberg field offices was claiming the account had been hacked. Except, it was not the case. That tweet is still up at the active account. Now, it appears the same humor-challenged staff has been hired to work in Florida. 


This weekend, as an announcement to the promised cash outlay, someone connected to Bloomberg had made a video with Mike and Trump’s faces superimposed on a scene from the movie ‘’Caddyshack’’. It has been removed, but avowed anti-Trump figure Anthony Scaramucci still has the clip on his feed.

If this is the type of delivery we can come to expect, Donald Trump might end up coasting to a Florida victory.


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