As Democrats Focus on Polls, the GOP Has a Massive Voter Registration Advantage in Pennsylvania

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)


More signs emerge that the Democrats are not as poised as the press insists.

It has reached a point where it is not even noticed immediately without stepping back and looking. The media seems only capable of reporting negatives on the Trump campaign and can only speak highly of Joe Biden’s prowess. Note how days ago, it was widely circulated that Trump supposedly burned through his campaign cash already, even though there are near blanket ad buys witnessed by Biden. 

In a prime example of the media laying off of anything positive, Politico has a report from the battleground state of Pennsylvania that is not getting the sweeping coverage across the networks. As Kamala Harris and her running mate are struggling to sell the concept of them being super supporters of fracking to appeal to voters, there is a true grassroots wave taking place. The Republicans are running laps around the Democrats in new voter registrations. 

In the four years since the last general election, the GOP has signed 198,000 new voters on their rolls, while the Democrats have acquired about 15% of that figure; they have recorded only 29,000 new voters. One of the reasons cited behind this shift is that, like the conventions, the Democrats choose to shackle themselves in the name of COVID concerns. 

At the party conventions, the Dems insisted on antiseptic distancing and solitary presentations, while the GOP was willing to have crowds on the White House lawn, and the Rose Garden. In similar fashion, the Democrats have done little on-the-ground work in Pennsylvania in the name of distancing and safety, but Republican workers have been getting out and knocking on doors, speaking to voters in person. 

This is another sign of the growing problems seen from the Democrats on the campaign. At the top, the messaging from their Presidential ticket is closer to a miasma.  Kamala and Joe have found they need to alter their prior stances in order to appeal to the center, but this means they are actually contradicting themselves from the recently held debates. In the energy-rich state of Pennsylvania, their avowed call to ban fracking has them now claiming to love the practice.

Here in Florida, the Democrats seem content to rest on the black voters, at their peril. I noted a little over a month back that there was trouble in the state with Biden’s Latino offices, and it is being realized. The local campaign workers seem dismayed, all while the vastly larger Hispanic vote is being courted successfully by Trump. This is no small matter in Florida. In 2018, amid Democrat gains, Florida turned redder politically, including the ouster of longtime Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, who lost despite an influx of Puerto Rican residents in his home region of Orlando.

While the media can remain focused on the contrived polls and their rigged metrics, there are growing signs of real strength in the field for a Trump reelection.