Need an Explanation Behind That Hit Piece by The Atlantic? Take a Look at the Guests at Their Upcoming Festival

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It’s curious how an unbiased news outlet can only manage speakers from the left.

When a major news outlet engages in a slanderous and biased hit piece on the President there really is only one way to prove you are not in the tank for one party: hosting an online festival filled with leftist guests and featuring Hillary Clinton as the headline speaker. See, we are completely unbiased, right?!


For the past few days, the press has strained to make a story out of the coordinated hit piece on President Trump, and it promptly fell apart like a 3-year-old’s attempt to build Trump Tower out of wood blocks. All the earmarks of a ‘’September Surprise’’ were evident; The Atlantic first breaks the story Thursday night, The AP follows up with a corroboration, Joe Biden is asked directly about on Friday morning, and a Democrat voting PAC releases a prepared commercial. A purely organic series of events — considering that commercial quoted the article and ran in numerous markets just hours after it had been released…

The Atlantic made the claim that President Trump had canceled a visit to a military cemetery ceremony in France to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice, and in so doing had abrasively dismissive things to say about the soldiers. Only one issue with the report — it was quickly debunked by facts. The administration released official documents showing the decision was made by the Secret Service to cancel due to weather, something that had been verified back in 2018, in fact. Additionally, Trump did make a visit to a different cemetery the very next day. 

So the basis of the piece has been blown into confetti; that left only the claims of the offensive remarks allegedly made by the President. These were made by entirely anonymous sources, and they tend to defy the years we have seen President Trump paying respect to the military and his frequent visits with wounded soldiers. This huge story became a deflated party balloon before the guests had arrived.


The Atlantic comes off looking like nothing more than a partisan PR arm of the Democratic party, but then in a gesture almost designed to prove this to be the case, the outlet, at the same time of this neutered report, announced its upcoming political event, The Atlantic Fest

Scrolling through the list of speakers you get a mixture of movers and shakers in the political spectrum. Politicians, journalists, members of academia, and a smattering of celebrities appear. One thing there is a dearth of, however — anyone you might consider to be right of center politically. While Stacey Abrams is given a speaking slot, and Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan, I found no GOP members included. Loud leftist actor Chris Evans will be there, as well as actor Billy Porter, fresh off of his widely ridiculed appearance at the Democrat convention.

No one I see who can blatantly be considered conservative — though I do need to admit not knowing the political stances of the crossword puzzle editor from the magazine, so it could still be possible. But considering this is the same outlet that begged that Biden merely remain upright in the campaign, we cannot be surprised they would stoop to the level of a completely manufactured hit piece.


In fact, the only surprise comes from those in the press who still think they are fooling anyone with their tepid arguments that no professional journalist would actually lie intentionally. The Atlantic was just exposed as running a fake news story on a police shooting this July. We have 4 years of Russian collusion talk that proves otherwise. And considering the list of leftists speaking at The Atlantic Fest, it is a safe bet this will be a topic of conversation after Hillary is done speaking.


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