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Gathering the off-kilter items from the news cycle across Townhall properties.

Looking across the sites from the Townhall landscape there is plenty of head-scratching to be had, so here in easily digestible capsule form are some of the items to pour forth from the feverish minds of the press, the left, the entertainment, and the political spectrums. Not surprisingly this one will be convention-heavy, as it just could not be avoided with all of the shenanigans offered up. As always, govern yourselves accordingly.



The Read Masks of Dearth

At the GOP convention President Trump was willing to speak in front of crowds gathered on the White House lawn. As predictable as it was there was still head shaking to be had when the media seemed less concerned with the words being spoken than the real issue of the night — a crowd was not wearing masks. Of course, in order to make this charge we were required to ignore that the press corps covering the event also had no masks. Then the whole mask mandate became the complete sham many suspected, in about 12 hours. On Friday there was a massive protest held in D.C. and the press was far less outraged at the viral implications. In fact, CNN had a doctor explaining why it was acceptable. Because science and medical professionals, and saving lives, and stuff.


The Press Brick Bats for Ivanka

The common theme throughout the GOP convention was the numerous, countless claims that Hatch Act violations were all over the place. One potential example was when Ivanka Trump told a story about her 3 year old son building a Lego set of the White House for his grandfather. The press, as they love to accuse, Pounced. Charges were levelled that Ivanka was lying, retelling a story she had made years ago, and even claimed it was lifted from her father’s book. Yet as numerous members of the press barked they failed in one of their prime directives – research. Not only did Ivanka have a photo of her son, father, and Lego set, there is a file photo in Getty images of the toy building in the Oval Office. It was so bad that the press has become indistinguishable from the satire sites mocking them.



Shooting A Political Airball

The return of pro sports has been remarkably low key in the eyes of the public, as the numerous leagues have adopted gaudy social activism gestures that distance fans. Following last weekend’s police shooting in Kenosha, and the ensuing riots, the differing sports took action. To address the issue of racism a number of football teams declared they would not practice. Oh…kay. In baseball the Mets and Marlins walked out on their game to make a statement. Then the NBA and the NHL announced they would suspend games entirely for a duration. Lost on these elevated thinkers was that while many of the players oppose President Trump their decision to not hold games meant more fans had the opportunity to go see Trump speaking at the convention.

This Means For More Years of Discontent

One of the blessings of the pandemic has been the noted lack of Michael Moore sightings. Well you just knew with all of the media swirling and an election looming it would not be much longer he could go without bathing in the klieg lights. Moore recently emerged from his warren and he managed to see his shadow, so he has made a dire prediction for his minions; he foresees a Donald Trump victory in November. Some have pointed out his wisdom in that he predicted the 2016 victory. Except his ploy of trying to scare followers to the polls to avoid a calamity is revealed once you understand that in 2012 he also predicted a Mitt Romney win. 



Any Portland In A Storm

The mayor of Portland Oregon, Ted Wheeler, had a troubled few days. The man who has essentially turned his city over to protestors sent a letter this week to President Trump, taking a firm stand against federal authorities arriving to quell the violence. That it was lost on Wheeler the charges of Trump being responsible for the riots was completely nullified by him, and he put it in writing, was the start of the humor. Next, after announcing that no law enforcement would be used on protestors the protestors promptly marched over to Wheeler’s condo. They took over the lobby and protested loudly to demand that their biggest fan resign from office.


Media Ham On Riot

It has become a punchline that Don Lemon and many other pundits and politicians on the left have suddenly discovered that violence and riots are not politically expedient. When citizens had their livelihoods and even their  lives threatened it was all just fine – but when Democrat elections become threatened then it is a negative result. Over at NPR they received the memo after the rest of the media, because they interviewed the author of a book that declares how noble and moral looting is to a country. But the press does not support the riots, you see.


Lack Of Pandemonium Is Racist, Yo


Michelle Obama has a new podcast, and the woman who was the star speaker at the Dem convention – while not mentioning Kamala Harris – is not holding back. She went on a lengthy monologue this week to describe the horrors of what it is like to be a black woman in America. It turns out that it becomes a real social crime that she can go to an ice cream shop with her daughters and she is not recognized as the former First Lady.


The Sceptic Uptick In Covid Detection

Closing with a piece of encouraging news. At the University of Arizona classes have at least partially opened, and they are using a unique method in early virus detection. Recognizing that the Covid-19 virus is passed in human waste very early after contraction, the campus is taking tests of the waste water at their buildings. They detected one dorm with the virus and found two early cases of asymptomatic positives, segregating the infected and preventing an outbreak. Those testing the waste at a college are now classified with the other heroes on the frontlines.   



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