Want to Enrage Democrats or a Member of the Press? Just Hold  Hold a Legal Citizenship Ceremony Like Trump

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Funny how those who hold immigration policy as near gospel turn rabid when residents become naturalized.

It was a touching and very warm moment last night during the Republican convention when the scene cut to the White House for President Trump to hold a naturalization ceremony for five residents. The three women and two men were from Bolivia, Ghana, India, Lebanon, and Sudan, and had the highest honor to not only be granted citizenship but to have it delivered personally by the President, and in the White House.


What a horrific and absolutely distasteful event to have to watch, according to the learned minds on the left. While many saw it as a moving display that celebrated the privilege of becoming a member of our society and culture the higher minds on the left saw this for what it was — an offensive insult to all that is decent, steeped in hate

While there could be some journalistic traction in exploring the propriety of holding convention events at the White House, much of that is mitigated by the realities of the pandemic. At least two locations had to be scrubbed as viable gathering points so using the White House facilities is not as outlandish as it might otherwise be considered. Even so, if I were to conceive President Obama holding convention events in the West Wing or the Rose Garden I do not see myself becoming enraged. But others now…

It is a fine indicator of just how effective the convention has been to this point to see the Democrats and the press becoming unhinged over items that have been displayed the past couple of days. Herschel Walker has been labeled an Uncle Tom by the crowd that hates racism. Those who call the GOP sexists labeled Nikki Haley a ”white woman’’, as the fact checkers scorched her by proving her correct. Now the solemn act of foreign nationals becoming US citizens has so many pinning their outrage needles in the red.


Take this US Senator.

That’s a rather imbalanced take on the ceremony. Claire here of course can only foster this rage by overlooking the ”illegal’’ aspect of the administration’s approach to immigration. As for the military in attendance — would she prefer they were dressed in plainclothes, working undercover?

She was but one example however of those upset at seeing people going through the celebration of citizenship. There was everybody’s Aunt Karen, Hillary Clinton, who seems to have forgotten working for the administration who caged immigrant youths, and who herself proposed deporting illegal immigrant children not so long ago. 

And of course our completely unbiased, totally neutral, and entirely objective press corps was perfectly calm regarding this event. By which I mean, the complete opposite. Of course.


I must have missed the ”worshiping’’ aspect of the ceremony. But expecting Joy to detail this is about as likely as her explaining the relevance of the fact her mother had been naturalized, on last night’s swearing-in. Just take her word for it, seeing people becoming citizens was an abomination.

In an equally high level of dungeon was Elie Mystal from The Nation. Was the ceremony a touching moment, or was it depravity. YOU decide!

Then there is the always-rational hot takes from the PBS fixture Yamiche Alcindor.


Huh, here I thought a global viral pandemic that shut down most modes of international travel was the cause of the standstill. But note the bifurcated anger here. She seems upset that illegals cannot enter the country, and that we celebrated the LEGAL citizenship acquired by these five people. Rather revealing where the preference lies with this journalist.

There were plenty more examples of media distemper towards this ceremony, of course.

The humor behind Philip Bump commenting on cynicism in anyone else could not be bypassed.

It is with a mixture of disdain and hilarity that we watch this kind of behavior from the left in reaction to the President. Trump has a knack for making the left rise up in opposition to an issue they normally would be expected to support. We recently witnessed the comedy as a wave of voices rose in an effort to cancel feminist icon Susan B. Anthony, simply because Trump ceremoniously pardoned the historical figure to honor an anniversary. Now we see this outrage being delivered towards the act of formalizing citizenship for immigrants.


It becomes just another sign that the left is not at all firm in their foundation going into November.


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