Florida Democrat Party Members Declare Joe Biden is Suppressing the Latino Vote

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The signs of trouble within the Biden campaign are becoming almost glaring.

As the media continues to blare how much of a comfortable lead Joe Biden is enjoying in the polls there are growing indicators that all is not right in his campaign. It is beginning to look like nothing at all is going right. A report out of Florida is that the Democrats might be facing a severe problem in the important swing state, and it is not a case of political spin; the details are emerging from within the party itself, a sign of mounting challenges for Biden.


The Miami Herald has obtained a copy of a letter that was created by Florida Democrats who declare there are sweeping problems within the outreach plan and is creating significant problems for those working on the campaign. Not just a pithy email, this seven page letter details at length the severe issues they encounter right now, and it has been assigned by nearly 100 field organizers for the Florida Democrat Party. Many of the details in this long complaint echo the concerns that were made by Florida Democratic County chairs when they too cited problems to party leadership.

The [Coordinated Campaign of Florida] is suppressing the Hispanic vote by removing Spanish-speaking organizers from Central Florida without explanation, which fails to confront a system of white-dominated politics we are supposed to be working against as organizers of a progressive party,” the letter adds.

Considering that the left and Democrats want to hang the ‘’racist’’ tag on President Trump, and display him as being hostile towards Hispanics, it is jarring to see Democrat workers declare in print, ‘’suppressing the Hispanic vote.’’ That is an amazing comment in itself, but it is only amplified when considering the import of Latino voters in this state.


The Biden campaign has been clinging tightly to the black voting base as a lock for his selection, something that propelled him to win the party nomination, but he has been encountering a problem with the Hispanic vote nationwide at the same time — a much larger demographic. In Florida the challenge is even greater than the 2016 result that gave the state’s electoral college votes to Trump. Since that election, there has been an influx of Puerto Rican residents as a result of the hurricane damage to that island, and they have been shown to be a cagey voting base.

Many speculated this exodus to Florida would be a net gain of support for Democrats, however, the 2018 midterm election proved otherwise. When Democrats showed gains in Washington and elsewhere in that election in Florida the GOP actually made significant gains in the legislature and in Washington. Veteran Senator Bill Nelson was displaced by outgoing Governor Rick Scott, making for the first time since the 1800s that Florida has held 2 GOP senators. Nelson hailed from the Orlando area, which is where the highest concentration of Puerto Rican residents are located.


This should prove that the Hispanic vote is not an automatic return for Democrats, and now that we are seeing evidence that the Dems in the state are fumbling this voter outreach it adds to the problems that have been swirling around Biden’s campaign. We can let the press run with its headlines showing the poll numbers, the actual machine in Florida is appearing to be spitting gears and springs at the moment.


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