Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma Becomes First Governor to Test Positive for Coronavirus and the Media Displays its Medical Ignorance

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead
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(Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


The press cannot help themselves, nor can they keep their facts straight.

The news came out today that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has tested positive for the novel COVID-19 coronavirus of Wuhan. He is showing no symptoms at all but is placing himself in a stay-at-home condition, working from home but in isolation from his family, for 2 weeks.


The news seems to have energized the media, but not in a sympathetic fashion. After all, Stitt is a Republican, and he is a supporter of President Trump. He also has been reticent on the matter of wearing masks, was seen in attendance at the rally held by President Trump in Tulsa, and he has been promoting the possibility of opening up his state. That is strike-5 in the eyes of the press.

A number of our media mavens have been gleefully reporting about details surrounding this announcement.


These are the voices in the press, recall, who have been sternly dictating that we listen to the words of medical professionals. Then how is it these self-proclaimed medical minds are missing out that the rally on June 20 is outside the 14-day period for infection? Stitt himself has said that as of this weekend he was not contagious, but tying in his appearance at the rally is just such a good political hit that it has to eclipse the science of the matter.

Another piece of political chicanery involves Governor Stitt’s push to open up the state. A few reporters had their knives out, showing evidence of him telling people to go out…and get infected, presumably.


More like ”FLASH WAYBACK”. What these duplicitous minds left off is that the tweeted ”evidence” is actually from the early days of infection in the country.

Soooooo…this was from March?! Yea, not sure how to break this to you microsurgeons, but the virus does not have a FOUR MONTH incubation period! Brian Cohen actually had it unintentionally correct — that is ”completely unrelated”.

Also of note, since the journalists will not lend you this context, numerous politicians at that period had been encouraging their constituents to get out and socialize. Let us not forget that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had been saying that it was ”racist” if people were not choosing to order Chinese takeout. Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler released a video in a desperate bid to coax his residents out for tacos and margaritas.

And as far as encouraging people to keep living their lives, we have this example, also from March–


It is rather safe to say that when Democrats are the ones who come down with COVID the press is far less eager to work at showing what they did to deserve contracting the virus.


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