VIDEO- After Glowing Praise of Obama, Hillary, and Sanders Visits The Press has Managed a Complete Reversal on Mount Rushmore

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FILE – In this Wednesday, May 28, 2008 file photo, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., visits the presidential sculptures at Mount Rushmore near Keystone, S.D., as she campaigns in South Dakota. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


It is amusing, in an extremely disturbing fashion, to watch as our national press corps contorts itself into any conflicting position so long as it allows for them to slander President Trump. Note how Trump rallies are currently called incubators for the fatal spread of coronavirus following on the heels of praiseworthy coverage of thousands packing urban areas for weeks in order to protest…this administration.

With so many in the media pretending that Friday’s rally by President Trump held at the base of Mount Rushmore was some sort of hateful effrontery to all that is good and decent about our country we need to illustrate that this was not always the case. It was just about this time four years ago when Bernie Sanders took his campaign to South Dakota, and no outrage was heard from the press.

Hilary Clinton made a campaign stop at the historic monument in 2008, and somehow she was never challenged on what her visit meant in the name of white supremacy.

Then there was then candidate Barack Obama, who somehow skirted accusations of forwarding white supremacy with his visit to the hateful sculpture that same campaign. President Trump’s DOC, Zack Parkinson shared these glowing reviews.


And just to add to the merriment, Zach offered up this transcript of a segment with more praiseworthy words to found, this time from none other than Jim Acosta.

Well as we are seeing today, so much has changed with the passage of time and the dawning realization of what can be interpreted as hateful and intolerant — all of which is dependent on who is occupying the White House.

Now in short order we are seeing that the messaging has been fully embraced by the press corps, and in no-longer-surprising fashion we watch as numerous players from a variety of outlets are all delivering the same narrative.

Tom Elliot from Grabien has fashioned a succinct supercut of many of the journalistic thinkers who have come forward to declare how racist it was for President Trump to speak at the base of the engraved Presidents.


Just to underscore the idiocy on display here, none of these ‘’disturbing’’ details being reported on are anything approaching ‘’Breaking News’’. The history of this landmark has not been shrouded in mystery. We have been aware the sculptor behind the project was an avowed Klan member. The detail on the personal lives of our founders has been readily available. The contested land of the Lakota Native Americans where Mount Rushmore was carved has been long reported. (Less coverage has been made over the Lakota coming from the Minnesota region and taking over that land from the Cheyenne, who had previously fought to take it over from the Kiowa tribe.)

What needs to be pointed out is that all of this was well known to the press. They had ALL of this information when Bernie Sanders visited, and it was well established during Hillary’s hailed arrival. They had even each been asked about  having their head added to the mountain some day. Imagine how racist that question would be regarded as being, if asked today.


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