VIDEO: Juan Williams Displays the Delusions of BLM Activists in Refusing to Admit Where the Blame Rests

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The first step is admitting it, Juan…

In a segment from a recent episode of The Five on Fox News the panel assembled discussed a recent comment made by President Trump in reference to the violence and vandalism we have been witnessing over the past weeks. In discussing those who have been creating mayhem and targeting historical figures Trump said, ‘’These people are agitators, but really they are terrorists, in a sense.’’ Jesse Waters was moderating and threw it first to Greg Gutfeld who had some compelling points.


The first thing he mentioned was how so much of the unrest we have been witnessing is coming from pasty white privileged white youths. He began to denigrate these would-be activist trouble makers and declared that we, as whites, should be embarrassed that these idiots are used to represent us as a race. He made a great point that many should be digesting — people think being white automatically binds us together, and the truth is closer to the opposite.

Gutfeld then put it succinctly — ‘’I have more in common with black winners, than white ‘’losers. What ties us together in achievement, and not grievance.’’ With that table set however when it was tossed to Juan Williams he elected to rely on division involving the President, employing gas lighting attempts in order to make a rather salient point. In mentioning that Trump has become desperate to retain his influence Williams says, ‘’He takes a few instances of looting, or bad behavior, and he blows it up.’’

This is just embarrassingly bad. ‘’A few instances’’, he says. We have seen riots and violence across the country, in dozens of cities. Some have played out for days, if not weeks. This lame attempt set Gutfeld off, as he listed off a number of cities where the citizens were suffering under the policies of Democrat leadership and policies. It is a stark reality that we have been witnessing blacks becoming victims of violence during these protests said to be on behalf of blacks, with little concern.


Williams grudgingly acknowledged black-on-black crimes in cities but then pivoted right back to Trump. Maybe if he did more to address those realities, Juan offers, he could speak to bringing Americans together. This is not only ignoring the problems, but it is ignorance. As I covered close to the start of our upheaval when claiming George Floy’s death was the result of systemic racism and white supremacy, when looking at the system in Minneapolis you are greeted by numerous POC leaders, and almost across the board Democrat leadership. To try to lay this at the feet of President Trump is impotent deflection.

The Washington Post attempted to discredit the President when he made comments to the effect that the most crime-ridden cities were Democrat  strongholds. It produced an article that declared ”Trump Keeps Claiming The Most Dangerous Cities In America Are All Run By Democrats. They Aren’t’’. Phillip Bump does magnificent work on behalf of obliviousness here. Of the top 20 cities with the most violent crime  exactly ONE had a GOP mayor running things, and two were independents. So…great work Phil; you proved that not ALL the violent cities are controlled by one party, just 90 percent of them. 


This is the kind of denial and excuse-making that has been on display in the press for months now, as they desire to stoke the outrage in order to damage Trump. To actually see and hear it being spoken like this makes the impotent claims appear even more pathetic.


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