RedState’s Kira Davis and Brad Slager Discuss Activism and Entertainment on The Culture Shift Podcast

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The writers discuss deleting cancel culture.

Last night Tucker Carlson experienced a steep dropoff in viewers as hordes of people tuned in to listen as Kira Davis joined Brad Slager on The Culture Shift. (No need to verify this by checking on the ratings.) Kira and Brad, along with co-host Ordy Packard, kicked around the myriad ways recent protests and racial activism have affected aspects of our entertainment.


With each day we are encountering another way the outrage mobs from the past month have been not only coming after statues and careers but looking to alter our cultural offerings as well. Almost any show involving the police has been affected, and the self-appointed racial experts are targeting anything that could be perceived as racially insensitive.

Gone is ‘’Gone With The Wind’’. Danger could be had for ‘’The Dukes Of Hazzard’’. And we are hesitant to even bring up the slate of Blaxploitation cinema that is almost certain to offend the easily offended. Considering the mobs have come for syrup and rice brand logos we are only more likely to experience more of these erasures before things cool down.

We covered the various examples of people getting canceled, the movies being threatened by the movement, and the growing alphabets of the various disaffected interest groups. Make up a large batch of popcorn and listen in to our expert commentary as we solve all of the problems.



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