Kamala Harris Has Joined the Riot Bailout Program and This Only Looks Worse for Democrats

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How rescuing those who committed atrocities is considered a good look is beyond reason.

To link up with all of those who have done their part of virtue signaling by donating to a fund to bail out those people arrested for looting in Minneapolis, and elsewhere across the country, Kamala Harris has come forward to add her name to the list of sympathizers. In doing so, she joins in with Joe Biden’s campaign for this effort, a clear dose of teaming up for the presumptive VP running mate, but what is the possible benefit?


This has been one of the perplexing results to come out of these riots — named individuals lending their financial backing to the criminal element. A lengthy list of Hollywood celebrities has been touting the crowdfunding effort to pay bail for many of the arrested protestors, as have notable political names, Chelsea Clinton among those. How this effort is considered wise is the real mystery.

What we are seeing is a decision being made that has a few facets to it, and the interesting thing is there appears to be little positive upside. For starters, we have many in the press insisting that those who have been instigating the trouble and creating destruction and violence have been white supremacists infiltrating peaceful gatherings. So either Harris and company are working to get violent racists out of jail, or their social activist outreach is undermining that media narrative.

If the reality becomes that they are springing non-supremacist suspects from the Grey Bar Inn then it becomes an issue that they are lending backing to those who have exacted the violence. How is it considered a good look to have political leaders — those vying for the highest office — saying that they verbally and financially support people whose actions are criminal in alleged appearance?

This is being done, by all appearances, at the expense of those residents and business owners who have been decimated by the riots. The Democrats are seemingly forsaking those most affected by the violence, and looking to have those who committed the violence upon the communities released and free to exact more of the same. It is more than a blind spot; it is a slap in the face to the victims. And it is fully sanctioned by the Democratic Party. Kamala’s suggestion is to donate to the cause through Act Blue, the fundraising arm of the DNC. So the Democrats fully own now this support of the anarchists torching America.


Then there is a personal political challenge for Harris as well. Her embracing this effort will surely be used to connect her to her own past. Starting with the simple fact that Kamala is a former state attorney general, yet here she is lending her backing to what is a criminal element. Her dedication to the law now becomes in question. This is a woman who once promoted the practice of jailing parents over their children being truants in school — but now she works to see that looters and arsonists are to be let go from incarceration.

The issue of bail alone becomes another problem. Harris has been a loud proponent of bail reform, a cause that has sprung up as being in support of easing the troubles this causes for low-income suspects. Except, Harris had promoted HIGHER bail fees when she was a district attorney in San Francisco. Her rationale behind it was that criminals might recognize that there was a lower risk in that area, thinking that it would be ‘’cheaper’’ to commit crimes in the city otherwise. Would not stripping away bail restrictions entirely not be seen as a criminal incentive, as a result?

Why Harris would invite this bail issue alone onto herself is a mystery, but nothing of this outreach makes political sense. This donate-to-bail-out-the-rioters effort is something that clearly is emotion-driven and has not been thought through. But Harris, Biden, and the Democratic Party have all embraced it, and as a result, they are now covered in the soot and debris brought on by those who are bent on destroying our cities.



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