Does Gretchen Whitmer Have Her Cuomo Moment? Report Has Michigan Governor Placing COVID-Positive Patients in Nursing Homes

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Could this possibly have happened in TWO different states?!

One of the biggest debacles to come out of the New York area surround the management of the coronavirus reaction has been the news that Governor Andrew Cuomo had been placing patients who were tested positive for the virus inside nursing homes with healthy residents. With all the government shutdowns and the calls in the media to maintain separation hearing about this confined cohabitation between the infected and the healthy was galling. Now we are hearing of the possibility this scenario has been playing out in Michigan as well, involving policy from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.


A report from Detroit’s Local News 4 finds that a statewide policy of dealing with coronavirus victims may have led to the same dangerous being implemented. The state legislature has been in a perpetual battle with Gov. Whitmer over her statewide executive orders. Now a state senate coronavirus oversight committee has been looking into the practice of placing patients who are positive with COVID-19 into nursing homes, paying the facilities $5 000 for each patient they have taken in.

An initial plan had been established where Detropit’s TCF Convention Center would be used as a staging location for the infected patients. That plan was abandoned, instead opting to go with a system of regional ”hubs”. It was inside of these hubs that nursing homes were selected to take in patients. Local 4 found out that at least half of the nursing homes had not been inspected since this policy was put in place.

This ridiculous practice defies common sense on multiple levels. Start with the simple fact that you are mixing together the infected and healthy in the same enclosed locations, in a time when distancing has been the drilled-in mantra across the country. Now factor in that you are doing so with the most vulnerable segment of the population. The overwhelming majority of deaths from coronavirus have involved the elderly and those with preexisting conditions — the very residents you find in nursing homes.


Lastly, you have the government flouting its own dictates that it is imposing upon the population. Michigan has become one of the states where residents have been growing impatient with Gov. Whitmer’s expanded shutdown requirements. The politicians have defied the very orders they are imposing on the citizens; it is violating quarantine conditions with the at-risk population while those least affected are mandated to remain away from their businesses and communities.

Andrew Cuomo’s luster has become heavily tarnished of late. The once hoped-for savior for the Democrat party, as he was inflated to near hero status by the media, has seen that staus plummet in the light of harsh statistics. New York state remains a hotbed of the viral outbreak and the news of his practice of mixing the infected in with the healthy at nursing homes became an alarming reality he could not rise above. Now Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has blatantly been campaigning to be selected as Joe Biden’s running mate, is facing the same type of political fate, and possibly over the exact same act of incompetence.

That these two names had been elevated by the media while their actions were undergoing the barest of critical analysis tells us so much of what we have seen in the news cycles. Despite numerous evident flaws from both it took some exceptional incompetence on their part to eclipse the PR push both had been receiving.  Sad to say it required some seriously fatal errors to have them exposed as the sub-par leaders we are now noticing.






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