The Coronavirus Narrative Keeps Shifting but the Endgame Remains the Same -- Grabbing Power

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

(Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

Somehow the script keeps getting revisions, but the hoped-for climax during the pandemic is still in place for politicians.


In a seemingly innocuous tweet this weekend, we saw a local news station running video of a group of police and firefighters gathering together to run their sirens in a salute to healthcare workers. Drone footage showed the large gathering in the parking lot at a hospital in Somerset, Kentucky.

On the exact same day, police in Wisconsin — and a number of other areas of the country — arrived to break up a church service held at a drive-in theater, where parishioners were in their cars to celebrate Easter. It is a jarring juxtaposition — police are permitted to gather in a solemn service in their cars, but the police will arrive to break up citizens who gather in their cars in a sign of solemn service.

It is just one of a growing number of examples of contradictory messaging taking place with our elected leadership, but all of those paradoxical directives somehow manage to arrive with the same conclusion — we need to knuckle under their rules. As President Trump has turned over more control to governors and local governments, in true federalism fashion, those elected leaders in many cases have become intoxicated with expanded control over the gentry.


The biggest risk to be seen in this pandemic, apart from the obvious health concerns, has been in the conditioning of the general populace to abandon liberties and cede more control over to the government, all in the name of perceived safety concerns. The list of obsessive and illogical actions taken by politicians has been growing — and growing in embarrassment. In more and more locations, we are watching as leaders are criminalizing the very act of being.

We have seen cases where police go to locations and take down the license plates of vehicles at places that people have congregated. In California, the officials have called on residents to report any businesses that dare to remain open. Any that are found have their utilities cut off. In Boston, they are enforcing sidewalks to be one-way only. Walking can become a citable offense.

In many places, we have seen mayors and governors passing orders that stores — while able to remain open — be limited in the types of goods they are permitted to sell. In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has decreed what she considers to be essential and non-essential goods. You are permitted to buy food, but you cannot buy seed packets from the garden department. What is solved by this decree, and what risk is posed in the purchasing of seeds? She cannot tell you, but also very unlikely is the ability to ask her what this is accomplishing.


A broader example is seen in how the overall assessment of the pandemic is measured by the experts. Medical professionals and other allegedly knowledgeable authority figures have been grappling with measurements and projections. We have seen massively inflated figures, for instance, concerning the projected death toll of this outbreak. Early on projections said it could be hundreds of thousands perishing. Later that was increased to a 1.5 million figure, and even that mushroomed to over 2 million possible deaths.

Then, as more data streamed in, the models became revised. Origin dates were pushed back and more concrete figures could be inserted into the formulas. In far less hysterical reporting fashion the new projections came in at under 100,000, a number that has since been revised even lower, to around the 60,000 level. Here is where the grift in all of this is exposed. As that figure has been clipped down to a far smaller percentage as a result of the new metrics, authorities and the media are insisting this has been achieved as a result of our shutting down of the entire country.

Their figures and projections were off by the order of magnitudes, but we still need to stay sequestered, and forfeit many of our basic rights, because those are claimed to be the force behind the numbers improving. They created this hysteria with garbage figures, but these same error-prone minds are the ones telling us it is still too early to return to normalcy. They need to keep the clamps on the public, need to instill in the greater population the feeling that this kind of societal decoupling is the new normal.


Here is the proof that these stilted projections which were used to hobble our entire society are complete garbage — they are not permitted to be used to exonerate the administration. If at one point we were facing millions of deaths but now see a probable number that is a fraction of that prediction, that means President Trump can be seen as a success in the way this was handled, correct? If that 2 million figure that chased us into our homes is no longer even realistic we can open the country back up to regular operations, right?

Absolutely not, to both, say those same voices who are now proven to be wildly incorrect. This is all the reason to question — loudly — those who are so insistent on keeping us on the bench as a society. They have been revealed to be massively inaccurate, yet they are claiming to have been correct in the effort to keep us at bay.


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