What Media Disdain for America Looks Like -- Ridicule for Mike Lindell/My Pillow Shows the Press Rabid With Contempt

(Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

This display was the very definition of deplorable.

It did not even take one day. On Sunday, CNN personality S.E. Cupp drew attention for a message she sent out, addressing the conflict taking place between President Trump and the members of the media. Following another coronavirus briefing where the President had pointed words of dismissal for some in the press corps, Cupp sent out this missive of defense on behalf of her profession.


In less than 20 hours, the members of the media completely invalidated Cupp’s tweet. The long-running battle between Trump and the press we have seen in place for years now has not abated during this viral crisis. In fact, both sides appear to be gritting teeth and narrowing eyes during this crisis. One of the benefits of people being sequestered in their homes is they have the opportunity to see the journalists of this country acting in biased fashion on a nearly daily basis.

The latest example came with President Trump’s Rose Garden briefing yesterday. A number of business owners who have lent their corporate efforts to aid in getting the supply chain fed with needed goods were in attendance. One who spoke at the briefing was Mike Lindell, the maker of My Pillow. As Lindell spoke, the members of the media lost their collective minds, and lashed out in ugly fashion.

CNN cut away from the briefing as Lindell was speaking, something S.E. Cupp’s co-worker reveled in.

What Darcy and his minions in the media either missed or intentionally omitted was there was a valid reason to have Lindell and the collection of other businessmen at the briefing. They were all part of the free market effort to bring more needed goods to the effort of battling this viral outbreak.


Banding together, lending in efforts, and doing what can be done to aid the nation are all things you would encourage in the time of a crisis — unless you are a member of our media complex. Then, you need to resort to scorn and derision.

And what job is Nichols doing, besides tossing tomatoes from the back row?

Note how Velshi gives no details as to why Lindell was there. A journalist might be somewhat curious to look into things, to find out that Lindell has converted 75% of his company’s assets and workforce towards producing much needed surgical masks for the healthcare workers.

Many other media ‘’experts’’ were equally dismissive of a corporate executive dedicating his efforts to help the challenge of this country.


Try to grasp what leads to this level of outrage over someone who is aiding in the fight to heal this country. How DARE HE…uh, help…?

Aaron Rupar from Vox was especially obtuse on the matter.

Again, this is a supposed journalist, who struggles with the basics of journalism. The reason Trump was highlighting these companies was that their efforts were made possible when the administration lowered governmental blocks on private businesses, freeing them up to take corporate action and produce the goods needed in this country right now.

Rupar further invalidates his own outrage, when in his entire thread covering the briefing he does not do anything to provide information on the virus actions. He does, however, spend time mocking the President, ridiculing his hair, and commenting on how Trump was touching the microphone.

Yet this is what is passing for journalism these days. You would think that in a time of crisis that the press would rise up and react to such a sprawling challenge. We would expect when the country is cast into turmoil the media would serve as a guide and strive to deliver needed information.


Instead, we have watched with regularity as journalists have devolved into petulant scolds. Their focus is not on detailing needed information but picking apart details in order to hold them up for political hits on the administration. S.E.Cupp wants us to revere and respect a group that displays characteristics and behavior deserving of only scorn and disciplinary action.


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