Media Props up Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Mayor of New Orleans by Blaming President Trump for Their Own Errors

AP Photo/David Eggert

 (AP Photo/David Eggert)

The ”We screwed up so it’s Trump’s fault” crowd find plenty of media enablers.

As infuriating as it is predictable, the press being intent to only heap scorn on the administration during a crisis has been bordering on the detestable. Not only are we seeing members of the press being hyper-critical of all aspects of how the administration is dealing with the crisis, but they are to the point of actively cheering for more trauma to take place. For proof, we only need to see how they are covering things on the state level.


Today President Trump approved the disaster declaration for the state of Michigan. This comes after a series of contentious exchanges he has had with Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has had no shortage of criticisms with how the president has been handling the virus outbreak crisis, both in regards to her state and on a national level. The press seems to only level charges at Trump, accusing him of everything from denying relief supplies to be sent in to even Chris Hayes, of MSNBC, declaring that Trump, in being combative, has effectively told the people of Michigan ”to drop dead”.

In the desire to heap blame onto only one source it means the press had to chuck all pretense of objectivity, because they had to do more than overlook Whitmer’s own antagonism with the President. The press has completely ignored the fact that Whitmer has demonstrated incompetence in her own state. While Gretchen was loudly pointing fingers at President Trump for not doing enough for Michigan it was reported this week the governor had not even managed to submit the needed documents for FEMA to be designated with a disaster declaration.

On Wednesday, March 25, the agency still had not received any of the documents for this process to begin. “FEMA has not yet received a request for a major disaster declaration,” spokesman Michael Hart said. Yet there was Gov. Whitmer accusing Trump of not doing his share for her state. She has been a frequent guest on the news networks, railing against the president, and all the while her own office had not submitted the needed paperwork, not could it explain the cause of this inaction.


In similar fashion, we saw this appearance by LaToya Cantrell who was on CNN to discuss the issue of her city dealing with its outbreak of the coronavirus. There was a spike in cases in the New Orleans area following the annual Mardi Gras parade, and the surrounding events. In being asked about this Cantrell had a handy excuse; President Trump is to blame.

Just so we are clear, the Mayor of New Orleans is blaming the president for her not acting as the Mayor of New Orleans. The amazing part of her delusion is how she launches into a long diatribe about ”leadership”, all while discussing something that transpired as a result of her lack of leadership.

And, of course, Wolf Blitzer lets her comments stand, not even considering the possibility of challenging her on not taking action on an extremely local event that is fully under her purview. When a mayor can brazenly declare that a completely municipal activity is not at all her responsibility and not have the news anchor even come up with a follow-up question, we are presented with all of the proof that they have no curiosity towards looking into facts.


This continues apace with the press during this crisis. It is why polls are now showing that public approval with our media complex is continuing to plunge.


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