Former Obamacare Official Tries to Induce Panic to Slam President, Claims ‘1 Million’ Deaths Will Occur

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Once again the critics of Trump resort to hysterical predictions to ‘’prove’’ his failure.

Yesterday I had coverage of how we have been witness to numerous Democrats and media members who have been far more occupied with scoring political points than in delivering useful information to the public or providing actual leadership. They complain about President Trump not doing enough while their words and actions actually serve as a detriment to the greater good of the gentry.


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Today we see the rhetoric getting ratcheted up even higher. Former healthcare official in the Obama administration Andy Slavitt, a main player of Obamacare, came out with a thread today on the Wuhan coronavirus that is so irresponsible and hysterics-laden that it borders on satire. He resorts to such hyperbolic pronouncements that he has invalidated himself as soon as he hit the SEND button.

You can practically smell the lighter fluid being applied to his hair in just the first tweet.

‘’One million deaths’’. That is a completely unattributable figure.Factor in one core fact — China allowed the virus to go uncontained for months, and they have not experienced any numbers even approaching this astronomical figure. The U.S. is addressing the issue, and with a population smaller than China. Even if there was accuracy in the complaint of Trump’s supposed sloth on the matter it falls well short of the Chi-Coms doing nothing, for weeks on end.



Slavitt is forwarding the canard here that Trump initially considered the viral outbreak a ‘’hoax’’, a claim never proven with quotes. At times he may have downplayed the hysteria, but that is hardly a ‘’denial’’.


Slavitt here expects to have all of the preparedness already in place for a strain of virus not previously known. Interestingly what we get here is Slavitt’s denial of what the administration is doing. Early in the week millions of tests were made available to all states, and by now additional millions have gone out.



In truth the Trump administration rolled back FDA restrictions which were prolonging the tests from coming out in an expedient fashion. To lay the blame for a delay at his feet is abject denial, once again.


Uh…anyone have a read on this one?? Look Andy, we get that you suffer from some advanced TDS symptoms, but can we at least stay focused on the matter at hand here?


Note the very use of the tested press practice here: he makes a baseless claim attributed to anonymous sources, easily proven incorrect by the facts. We should believe him on the issue, and not our lying eyes.

Slavitt closes out in hilarious fashion here.


I do not think Andy has to clear his schedule anytime soon. He has slandered and insulted the administration, resorting to fabrications to make his claims. Then after a thread full of degradation he tries to position himself as a noble servant.

Like so many others who have been bleating about this outbreak with non-constructive accusations, one of the best ways they could be of service is to begin by shutting their mouths.


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