Ana Navarro Attempts to Slam Jeff Sessions and Instead Exposes All the Flaws of Media Elitism


Ana Navarro


Our media betters are believing their own hype despite evidence to the contrary.

The mainstream journalists, and the Never Trump contingent, in particular, have become a growingly contemptuous lot. Between their feigned intellectual superiority and the resentment they harbor for those who fail to be enthralled by their cerebral heft, these prima donnas are losing their traction. As their heads grow they manage to become growingly insignificant.


Pundit Ana Navarro is shaping up to be among the most resentful of this lot. She has been a regular so+urce of classist intolerance in the Trump era, and she recently managed to encapsulate all of the traits of this media sect within one message. She arrived with an impressive mixture of condescension and equal parts intellectual vacancy which was monumentally hilarious, and displayed the mounting impotence of those like her.

Seriously, this was impressive. To have so much go awry in such a short missive

ELITISM – Navarro lapses into that time-tested practice in the press to treat the flyover areas of the country as a foreign land. Why would she assume people in the south might not be nice?

PREJUDICE – It is always curious how these social scolds who love to lecture us on not labeling groups of people lapse into the very practice. Why would Navarro assume the area would either take on the character of a lone man or be of a hive-mind that generated the likes of her target? We are not supposed to think in this fashion, Ana.

BIAS – What Navarro’s particular grievance with Sessions is is not made clear. The guess is it would stem from the Mueller Report, a document she was rather enraptured with when it was going to supposedly bring down the President. Though Sessions was largely shown to have acted with propriety regarding the investigation by the end is a small matter, it appears.


IGNORANCE – Recall, for just a flashing moment, the recent spate of these media elites who love to condemn voters on the right and the other rubes who may support the President as being intellectually stunted and geographically challenged. Navarro, in her bile-tinted mindset, completely invalidates herself. Sessions, as most know, hails not from Arkansas but from Alabama.

Well done, Ms. Navarro-Cardenas. To deliver scorn towards a number of items while also displaying those same characteristics is quite the achievement. It is also revealing of the actual inner workings of these media elitists. Pointing out their hypocrisy is a little bit more than needed — it is also deeply enjoyable.


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