There Are Already Rumblings in Democrat Circles Questioning the Dramatic Joe Biden Resurgence

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


After a surprisingly strong Super Tuesday side glances begin to take place over DNC support of Biden.

As the Super Tuesday results rolled in throughout Tuesday night, things were expected to turn out favorably for Joe Biden. However, the level of success enjoyed by the former VP was more than remarkable — some are taking a curious look at the results.


It is not simply that there were some surprises – like a victory in Texas that was expected to for Bernie Sanders — but the manner that Biden won, and the level of success he experienced. While polls are consistently inaccurate and relying on them is a fool’s game at times, they also can be cause for some questioning when they are shown to be flat-out wrong.

But let’s just start with the Lone Star result. In the days leading up to the vote, all polls showed Bernie Sanders winning, with the ranges ahead of the margin of error. Depending on the poll, Sanders was being projected with between a 5-10% cushion, yet by night’s end Biden came out on top by better than a 3% margin. That is more than a significant swing, it amounts to a gross error. It calls to mind Saturday’s result in South Carolina, where polls showed a Biden victory, but none showing more than a return in the high thirties percentile. Biden received nearly half of the votes in that primary.

In Massachusetts, it was another curious return. For months it was either being looked at as a win for the native candidate Elizabeth Warren, or Sanders. Biden was always within striking distance but his win last night was never predicted by any poll. More curious is Warren taking third despite the home-field advantage. Then things get really confounding with the exit poll returns.


In her home state, Warren lost out to Biden with female voters by ten percentage points. This despite the supposedly liberal stronghold in the area that would back a female, not to mention Joe Biden’s tough history as a creepily hands-on social interactor. Another internal metric that does not add up — Warren also, as a former Ivy League professor, lost to Biden with college-aged voters, by five percent.

This is seriously raising eyebrows while causing furrowed brows at the same time. Matt Viser at the Washington Post also noticed something curious about the ‘Biden Wave’ that crashed the polls last night.

Take the example of Virginia. With a modicum of effort made Biden dominated that state. The instant polls closed last night CNN could not contain itself in declaring Biden the winner and, as the full results came in, it showed how Biden won every county of that state, save for one. And again, while he was expected to win no one had predicted he would take 53% of the vote in such a landslide fashion.


That there is discontent within the Bernie Sanders camp, and especially within his supporters, has already been established. When the numbers that get displayed following this Tuesday’s are looked at you can clearly see why questions are only going to continue to be raised about the organized effort being seen against their candidate.


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