CNN Brings on Failure at Democrat Campaign to Serve as Campaign Expert for Democrat Debate

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

He certainly doesn’t need the money…

During the recent Super Bowl telecast there was an amusingly annoying feature in the pregame lead-up to the big game. The Fox Network, of course, had a bevy of experts on the air in-studio locations all across Miami, pontificating on what we would see transpire. One of those ‘’experts’’ was Dave Wannstedt, a washout as an NFL coach who later also evolved his way out of the college ranks as well.


Wannstedt in one segment was suggesting what he would like to see from Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid during the championship game. There was Wannstedt, who in 10 years of head coaching in the NFL sports a losing record and only won a pair of the five playoff games he appeared in, doling out advice to Reid, who is likely to become a Hall Of Fame coach. That laughable empirical performance will be matched tonight on CNN during the Democratic Party debate, as the network has brought in a failed candidate to tell those candidates remaining what they should do.

There’s some of that palpable electricity that inspired the Yang Gang to propel Andrew to collect…um, exactly Zero delegates. So sure — why not bring him on to serve as an election expert?! How bad could it be, this is the same network that has Brian Stelter on as a media expert, after all.

Yang certainly is not in need of the cash, so this can only be a ploy to further cement his credentials within the Democrat base, and the party leadership. After all, when he bowed out of the race he did declare to his fans — sorry, his voters — that ”We are just getting started. This is only the beginning.” It would appear he is priming himself for another run in 2024.


This has to rankle Yang, at least a little bit. He was, after all, the man who was constantly straining to be heard during all of the previous debates, struggling to get any message out while pledging to buy votes with a $1,000 monthly citizen stipend ploy, only to see Bloomberg buy his way into the debate lineup.

So this is where the Democrats stand today; the party that loves to accuse the GOP of only catering to rich white men have shunted an Asian American in order to make room for another billionaire to join the field, making the top spots in debate going mostly to old white males. It would be mildly amusing if it were not so damned hilarious to behold.


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