The RedState Box Office Report -- 2 Records are Set, one Was Positive

With studios avoiding the Super Bowl weekend two films set all-time marks.

It is for good reason that few would be interested in releasing a major film this weekend opposite the Super Bowl. The biggest annual television event essentially peels off one day from the exhibitor weekend, so this weekend is traditionally known for very weak releases. One such title debuted, and it managed to set an all-time dubious record.


Despite the challenge in the marketplace the holdover hits managed respectable holds — and managed to hold onto the top spots on the list. The new arrivals meanwhile were trounced soundly. Here are the films a few people went to see while the rest of us were watching the…title matchup of professional footballers.

1.  BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – $17.67 Million
For the third week in a row the Will Smith / Martin Lawrence reunion has been the big winner. Not only has it eased a good -48% but it has become a new standard for the month. As it is almost over the $150 million mark it not only is the biggest release in the franchise but this total has now pushed it to become the biggest film to be released in January.

2.  1917 – $9.66m
The Oscar contender is still drawing heavily, falling only -40% as it has clocked $250 million worldwide to this point. If it wins Best Picture next weekend that total will continue to grow in size.

3.  DOOLITTLE – $7.7m
After a dismal opening weekend there is a slight recovery in progress. It has now earned $55 million domestic, and another $70 million internationally, but has a long way to go yet to cover that $175 million price tag.

4.  GRETEL and HANSEL – $6.05m
Not a typo, that title is for the retelling of the classic Grimm fairytales. No one is really sure why there was a need for this version, nor why the marketing department felt that an odd poster with a character pulling string from the mouth would be a selling point. It was not expected to much business more than this, as we discussed on the last episode of Disasters In The Making.


5.  THE GENTLEMEN – $6.01m
Everything about this return is appropriately gentle. A tepid opening last week is followed by a mild second week. This needed more of an alpha-male performance however, considering the big-name cast and director Guy Ritchie involved.

A considerably long run is in store as it is now out for 2 months and still showing on about 3,000 screens.

Disney has plenty of decisions to make regarding the Star Wars property, now that the primary film series has been wrapped up. The next effort was to be the Obi-Wan Kenobi origin series on Disney Plus, but that has been put on hold to retool the concept. Kathleen Kennedy is said to be wanting to address new issues, so that sends a chill down the spine of fans.

8.   THE TURNING – $3.05m
Last week’s poor debut was followed by more apathy. A drop of -56% is not horrible, but it did not have much room to drop further.

9.  LITTLE WOMEN – $3.015m
It has been six weeks out now and is on the verge of breaking $100 million.

Another debut that was more than overlooked. This debut was so poor to set a number of records for futility. This stands as the lowest-ever premier for a film appearing on 3,000 screens. This becomes worse than the opening for the longtime record holder, ‘’Hoot’’ that came out in 2006. Another landmark set was the $918 screen average, the first film on 3K screens to deliver an average of less than $1,000.



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