Actor John Cusack is Leading the Impending Democrat Civil War Involving Bernie Sanders

Actor John Cusack is Leading the Impending Democrat Civil War Involving Bernie Sanders
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The Dems once again have a nomination problem on their hands.

An intraparty conflict may be brewing as the presidential campaign begins to fire up in earnest, and Hollywood fixture and creative speller John Cusack is loudly preparing for a fight with party leaders. With the impeachment lurch now appearing to become formally wrapped up and nothing significant accomplished the Democrat party now has to face the impending election season. It is one they have already managed to corrupt, and it is leading to another round of dealing with the socialist Bernie Sanders, whom they do not favor as their top of the ticket selection.

Today’s Iowa Caucus appears to be favoring the Vermont Senator and that is at least partially due to the efforts of the Dems. The misguided impeachment effort has run headlong into the Caucus and altered its landscape. Senators have been pulled out of the state to appear for the mandatory impeachment, curtailing campaign work the week ahead of the vote. With Biden handicapping himself by opening his mouth Sanders has been the beneficiary.

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The Democrats in Congress have already shown a lack of foresight, first by scheduling their impeachment effort so late, and then choosing to sit on the voted-upon articles for around four weeks. This led to the impeachment moving to the Senate right on the doorstep of the crucial first vote of the campaigns. The last foible was the desire by the Dems to force additional witnesses to be called in the Senate. That could have tied up the Senators for weeks, further deflating momentum on the trail.

The vote against seeing witnesses may have been an accidental benefit, helping them get focus back on the election soon enough, but that realization is bringing with it a harsh reality. Many believe that the party will be setting up another attempt to squelch the campaign of Bernie Sanders, as was seen in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was granted numerous advantages to usher her to the party nomination. Ardent Bernie backer John Cusack is not happy about it.

Cusack has been stumping, loudly, for Sanders, and he has belligerently indicated he is fully prepared for a fight with party leaders.


And in a speech he gave in New Hampshire Cusack hinted at the willingness of the campaign to fight. Hard.

Now we have to take back this meaning of the word revolution. It’s not a nike commercial or a a can of soda- it’s not a brand. its a radical redistribution of economic and political power — a real revolution, Not top down, Bottom up. And the billionaire class are getting very, very nervous. All of the corporate media is against us. And every conceivable power structure, it seems, has been trying to kill and derail our movement. But we’re still here.
We know the unchecked greed of capitalism takes and takes and takes- whatever whenever however it wants. It will take everything. It will take our lives labor spirits our air & water and even our earth

Cusack is amusing as he joins Bernie in targeting the rich and the 1-Percenters. A famous Hollywood millionaire attempting to demonize the privileged delivers a message that rings more than a little bit hollow. He also attacks the very institutions that have propped up Bernie, now that he has risen atop many polls.

But Corporate media, first they ignore us – then they hated us, now they’re just really really confused.

So the actor is upset with both the DNC, as well as the media complex.

Cusack is not alone — Michael Moore has been equally outraged. At a recent appearance for Sanders in Iowa, he has railed loudly about the DNC changing its rules to now allow for Michael Bloomberg to be invited to the next debate. It had been held that candidates had to demonstrate a sufficient amount of grassroots donation support to qualify for the debate stage.

Now the DNC has pulled back on the restriction that has eliminated Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard recently. Now Bloomberg, who has spent wildly the past month on campaign ads has enough poll support for the party leadership to include him. Cusack and Moore feel this is being done exclusively to erode Sanders’ support. Said Moore —

He doesn’t have to show he has any support among the American people, he can just buy his way onto the debate stage, and I’m going to tell you what’s so disgusting about this.

He then expressed outrage at the DNC as he referred to the last meeting of candidates as ‘’The all-white debate’’. I feel I need to point out he did so in support of his very white candidate of choice, Mr. Sanders.

While the political heft of Cusack and Moore can certainly be questioned one thing of note is the language and anger they are registering. It echoes those elements last seen during the 2016 Democrat campaigns. And it seems to indicate that if the party leaders once again show sign of sabotage on the Sanders campaign they could experience another passel of Sanders supporters fleeing the party come the November election.

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