The Democrats May Have Handed the Nomination Over to Bernie Sanders With Their Impeachment Quest

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At this rate, the last candidate they want nominated is all but assured.

The Democrats are traditionally bad at looking forward to the possible ramifications of their policies. With routine predictability, the party will take action or pass bills that lead to some kind of ‘’unforeseen’’ result. I swear, the first piece of legislation they could have passed was the Law of Unintended Consequences.


The impeachment proceedings have not been the political windfall that the Democratic party had envisioned, and that is mostly due to their lack of envisioning skills. Now their campaign season has been thrown into chaos for the time being, and there is one clear benefactor as a result — Bernie Sanders.

One of the problems with rushing headlong into this impeachment lurch was the possibility it could overlap with the beginning of the primaries schedule. I mentioned back in November how this was a possible result that could impact campaigns directly, and then to compound the problem the House leadership sat on the voted articles for over three weeks, pushing the move to the Senate into direct conflict with the impending Iowa Caucus. And here they are.

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With the mandated attendance of all senators, those who were campaigning in the final weeks before the February 3 caucus are now ensconced in Washington D.C., watching the run-up from afar. As of right now, Bernie Sanders holds a lead in the polls in the very first campaign result. Mostly, the Iowa effort has been in a form of stasis, with only Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg able to retain their on-the-ground efforts. And the Democrats are looking to compound that challenge.


The desire by the Dems to try salvaging their case has hinged on pushing the Senate to call on witnesses. It is looking as if the request will pass on a vote now, which means that this will extend the Senate trial. The question is for how long? This will likely prove to be yet another challenge the Democrats did not foresee. Considering that days were spent simply going over procedural determinations and now the opening statements from both sides have been marathon in content, it is not a stretch to think the witness portion could stretch out for weeks.

If the witness questioning moves into March — a distinct possibility at this rate — it will overlap with the California primary, a delegate-rich vote that is crucial to campaigns. Currently, Sanders and Biden are in a dead heat in the state. But as the Republicans have now hinted at, the witness portion of the impeachment could entail the Joe Biden aspect of this Ukrainian scandal, and consider then the result with voters if his character is sufficiently impacted by revelations. Sanders could make a haul of those California delegates, considering that Liz Warren and Amy Klobuchar are essentially forced to be sitting on their hands in the coming weeks.

In between those votes is the New Hampshire primary, where the Vermont Senator Sanders is essentially on home field turf and holds a commanding lead. This means once the impeachment ever does conclude Sanders could be sitting on a significant lead among the candidates and, depending on the damage Biden may incur, the ability to catch up to him will be rather significant.


And once again, the Democratic party will have on its hands the prospect of dealing with having a candidate leading its party they have shown a reluctance to support. The fact that all of this was done in an effort to supposedly damage Donald Trump’s name in the election is the most laughable of ironies. It is made all the more amusing in that you could have seen all of this coming — as long as you do not have a ‘’D’’ next to your name.


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