National College Football Champions LSU Were Threatened With Arrest After Their Win -- Over Victory Cigars


Quarterback Joe Burrow puffs in victory [ screencap from LSU Football Twitter account ]
Some people were enjoying themselves — better send in the woke scolds to put a damper on that!


Imagine seeing the scene of a locker room full of players who just won a title and deciding that you disapproved of the manner in which they chose to celebrate, so you had to contact authorities. Welcome to 2020, when seeing newly-crowned champion players with a Rocky Patel in their mouths inspired some to pull out their phones and contact the police.

There was a time in this country when live-and-let-live was more than a quaint catchphrase. We understood the social contract of a civilized society involved a two-way street mentality; you strove to be aware of the impact of your actions on others and, in return, you also suffered a dose of tolerance towards things you may not be completely comfortable with at other times.

These days reveal how we have drifted far apiece from those quaint days. Sure, there is an increased level of indifference to the way we may infringe on others, but surely the latter portion has become the larger issue. It seems ironic that as social chatter about ‘’tolerance’’ is more amplified than ever tolerating the actions of others is becoming increasingly in short supply. Last night’s college football championship showed this in a couple of ways.

As you have probably seen, actor Vince Vaughn became a social media fixture last night when he was shown on camera interacting with President Trump in a less than unhinged fashion. It was implied that some sort of social crime had taken place when Vaughn was seen acting decent and cordial with the leader of the country. Tolerance apparently has limitations. It certainly did not apply to grown adults celebrating a post-game victory.


After securing the National Championship in impressive fashion the LSU Tigers players were expectedly in full revelry. Some of those players — you may want to be seated for this — had lit up cigars as a form of victory celebration!


And, as we have come to expect these days, this display was unacceptable to some.

One ESPN reporter gave us a dramatic account from the front lines.

She was suffocating, you understand. This was a dire scene.

Of course, seeing this display of exuberance and joy meant somebody had to clamp down on the activities. Literally, the police were brought in.


The police that arrived, to their credit, were not overly militant about the triggering plumes. One was heard saying to the players they could actually continue, but they had to give the announcement on behalf of their commander. But the fact that this was even an issue, causing it to be called in, is a sign of where we are as a society.

Sad, but not shocking. Considering that I catch grief simply for having a cigar in my profile picture, generating the occasional rebuke, it is hardly a surprise that a locker room celebration had to involve the authorities. Glad to hear that some of the players were not taking the threat seriously.

In fact, the officer announced to the players any smoking cigars in the locker room would be subject to arrest. Several players holding stogies laughed at the warning like it was a joke but the cop wasn’t smiling.

Honestly, I would have welcomed that booking. Consider how that would add to the story of your National Championship — arrested for enjoying a victory cigar. Totally worth it.


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