The Constitutional Ignorance of Our Leaders -- Florida Legislators Want to Raise Senate Representation for Larger States

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Telling how the foundations of this country are only broken when Democrats lack sufficient power.


The Trump era has brought out much in the manner of imbalanced thinking, ever since his election. Hillary losing meant there were problems with everything from the voting methods to the polls and of course outside manipulation from Russia. Trump was accused of causing Mid-East unrest just weeks after the election, and there were calls for his impeachment before he was even inaugurated.

And of course, we have the ongoing debate about the effectiveness of the ”outdated’’ electoral college. It is in that same stunted mindset that a new proposal comes out in the Florida legislature. Two Democrat politicians — Sen. Lori Berman, D-Lantana, and Rep. Joe Geller, D-Aventura have forwarded a bill to have the state legislature propose a U.S. Constitutional amendment that would grant an additional Senator for the more populated states.

According to the wording of the bill, presented by Berman, ”The United States Senate has become extremely malapportioned to the degree that soon 30 percent of the country’s population will elect 70 percent of the members of the United States Senate.’’ To say that some functional ignorance is on display is not hyperbolic. The Senate, as intended, gives an equal voting footing to each of the 50 states of this constitutional republic.

This is by design, so the more populated states do not have a leverage to vote in their best interests to the detriment of the states with lower populations. This is something even acknowledged in the text of the bill. ”WHEREAS, the system of giving each state two senators was devised by the founding fathers to protect small states from the domination of larger states.’’ Yet, this is deemed as not fair, according to the politicians.


They mention in the bill that this will lead to ”unhappy consequences’’ for the majority of the population living in urban and suburban areas. What they are ignorant of here is that they have flipped the concern in the design of the Senate. It was intended to avoid those pockets of concentrated citizenry from voting in a mob-like fashion and influencing the interests of the smaller states.

Of course, this also displays that these politicians are completely oblivious to the fact there is already a means in which the voters can be assured that their voices are heard in Washington — it is called the House Of Representatives. The composition of the Senate is intended to serve as a counterweight, so that anything that might be forwarded by the denser states and deemed detrimental to the interests of the smaller ones can be addressed and their concerns might be voiced in proper fashion.

There is another similarity to the upheaval over the Electoral College. This bill may be inspired by the diminished power base Democrats have in Florida. After the 2018 midterms, Florida countered the national trend of Democrat gains in that the state legislature actually became more red, and there was a bit of a historical achievement on the Senate side. When former governor Rick Scott unseated longtime fixture Bill Nelson he joined Marco Rubio as the second GOP Senator from Florida


. This is the first time since The Reconstruction in the 1800s that Florida ever had a pair of Republicans in the Senate.

This power vacuum can certainly be an inspiration for this daft bill proposal, but that vacuum will surely be the reason it dies a lonely death. It will be tough work ushering this through a GOP-led State House and Senate, and be signed by the Republican governor. Just like Democrats who suddenly have a problem with the centuries-old Electoral College, the Dems who now see the Senate as being unfairly constructed appear both desperate and oblivious.

If you want a radical new legislation, how about a bill calling for an automatic recall election when an elected official has provably shown drastic ignorance to Constitutional standards.


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