Comedian Chris D’Elia Lays Out Why Ricky Gervais Was So Brilliant and Lays Out Hollywood in the Process

The words of a professional comedian hold more weight than the PR flaks in the media.

By now we have seen the newest division in the country for 2020 — which side of the Ricky Gervais debate do we land on? Generalizing, it seems the general public – at least those few who paid attention – back the monologue from Gervais, and anyone who has a vested interest in celebrity was offended. Journalists hardest hit.


To put things in a decent perspective comedian Chris D’Elia discussed the Gervais hosting on his podcast and had some pointed observations.

‘’Everyone was laughing,’’ Chris begins, ‘’Well, not everyone was laughing – a lot of people in Hollywood need to save face, and cannot be seen laughing at that sh–.’’ D’Elia next explores what Gervais had to do on stage was actually difficult, from a professional standpoint. He next spoke In response to the column seen this week from The Independent, where they proclaimed that Gervais ‘’cheapened’’ the Globes. [For the record, I discussed at length how the Golden Globes have been cheapened generations ago.]

‘’Do you know how hard what he did is? To roast a room full of people, at them, about them, and make them laugh – at all. And he did that.’’ But then he jumped directly at The Independent. ‘’Also – NO political statements from actors, are vital.’’ What is revealing about his comments is that D’Elia somewhat tips his hand on where he rests politically/socially. You can sense he may be somewhere left of center, but he still can see the folly in taking these opinions as serious.

Chris takes on Rose McGowan and her recent comments, then discusses how his own critics miss the point when they get offended about his stand-up routine talking about his own critics. He actually lays out that McGowan and others end up inadvertently helping the cause of the side they are trying to stifle. It is that lack of self-awareness that is central to the ENTIRE Ricky Gervais ‘’controversy’’.


People have been more outraged, it seems, that Gervais had the temerity to actually leap at the celebrities, rather than listen to the words he said and digest those comments. As this week has shown, he exposed many truths. Look at how his comments about the willingness of the luminaries to work for corporations operating sweatshops was later exposed in blatant fashion, regarding a fashion designer to the stars.

Here is D’Elia’s segment, but be forewarned – he is vulgar throughout. But his position is worth hearing.



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