The Editors at Teen Vogue Are Desperate to Infect the Holidays With Their Leftist Prolix, Exposing Their Lack of Standing

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When all you have is being inciteful then you really have nothing to say.

The outlet Teen Vogue has for some time now has been looked at as little more than a reactionary and hyper-leftist source. The writers clearly reside well left of center, and frequently resort to inflammatory or controversial headlines to generate traffic. This week, the editors of the site demonstrated this mentality in concentrated form.

With Christmas on the calendar, the TV staff felt it was due time to recycle some of their most inflammatory pieces because that is what the priority is on a solemn holiday — injecting their brand of social engineering. Unlike Pete Buttigieg, who tried weaving his policies within a Christmas greeting, Teen Vogue dispensed with the well-wishing entirely and just delivered its warped sensibilities.

On Christmas Eve, the outlet foisted its prior piece about how white people need to hold other whites accountable for protecting people of color.

That the writer could not see the layers of racism needed to accuse racism is precious. Not only do they imply only white people are guilty of such, but the base mentality to assume that POC need to be protected and/or cannot protect themselves is quite blatant. Using your whiteness to literally white-knight on behalf of lesser people is as crudely racist as you can get.

Not content with just this inflammatory idiocy, the site ramped up the antagonism. On Christmas Day, it felt it was the ideal time to rerun its guide to anal sex. It then followed this up with a piece of pure garbage where it previously allowed a historian who wrote a handbook for Antifa to spout off on how the disturbed group of fascists is actually a noble and uplifting organization.

Of course, on the one hand, these are all easily dismissed as something on par with journalistic trolling. They are trying to be audacious to generate traffic, timing it with the holiday to also provoke hate-clicks. The shallow attempt is obvious.

So why mention their ploy? Along with stating that this only highlights its intent, there is also the argument that giving them any notification only calls attention to their desire and helps their cause, but this is not entirely accurate. If left to simply be, and granted the space to flex their virulent muscles, it is the path to normalizing this train of thinking. Left to stand without rebuttal means these views are, in fact, left to stand.

These are exactly the kind of poisonous views that should be confronted and shouted down, not with banishment or silencing but with derision. Mockery is exactly what these desperately shallow efforts require, and the infantile policies need to be held up for scorn. If left unaddressed there is a chance these warped positions can find a foothold of normalcy, and this is their goal. Not just the positions in the articles but the timing to inject them on the Christmas holiday shows the intent.

They want to impact us socially. They desire to have these twisted views become more mainstream. The best way to avoid their goal of influencing society with sociopathic policies is to show them for the clown show that they are. They want to infect this nation so ridicule is the best course to take in order to remove the venom — treat them as a joke and then no one can take them seriously.



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