This Iowa Farmer Represents the Voting Public Apathy and Politicians and the Press Are Dismayed

While politicians beg for attention one man’s non-reaction to Joe Biden speaks even louder.

It seems like it has already been an interminable amount of time that we have endured the constant prattling of Democrat party candidates promising us the world while lambasting a large segment of the electorate. The contradictions are rampant with this herd; they claim to love democracy while telling us how horrible it is, they demonize capitalism and at the same demand of it all of the spoils, and they insist they want to ‘’invest’’ in my interests while declaring how much money I will need to pay in to their schemes.


One other paradox exists where the media is constantly telling us how magnificent and important these people are while the reactions in the public are rather incurious. With very little in the way of critical analysis the candidates are positioned as saviors against a scourge infecting the nation, yet the nation in general is not all that interested in the hype being sold. As written about before, The democrats do not generate near the reaction that a fictional character receives.

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There is no better example however of the general mood than what recently took place in Iowa, where the candidates are stumping ahead of the first major party vote event, the Iowa Caucus. Joe Biden — foundering in the polls and frequently fumbling on camera — was making a stop at a local diner and he was faced with the kind of indifference that flummoxed the self-exalted royalty (that is, our politicians.)

Upon witnessing this non-display Natasha Korecki, of Politico, has to glide up and get to the bottom of things. After all, here was a man who was blessed with the presence of Joe Biden, a man who is in the firmament of the political heavens and willing to allow this man to be graced with his proximity, and the guy was not at all impressed. How could this be?!


So good. I mean, surely the guy had to know and was merely trolling the reporter here, but you would not get that sense from Korecki. She is charged with covering the Caucus campaigns and she is used to only fawning reactions and beatific smiles when people are in the orbit of greatness. This…this was something completely unfamiliar!

And then, seemingly in need of a true explanation —

The beauty in this is just how deeply unimpressed this farmer was by the whole episode. He was not being antagonistic nor confrontational. He did not even seem bothered at all by any of the activities of a politician flanked by a small swarm of hyperactive media members. He looked entirely bemused by it all.

This is a guy who looks more concerned with the fact he cannot get a waitress to come to serve him because of the throng blocking his booth. We can all assimilate with that feeling — having our lives negatively impacted by the activities of self-important politicians. Just pipe down, let us order our meal and watch a game in peace. That should be a campaign slogan to end all others.


The painful reality is that this guy who clearly was interested in being left alone is likely to have the press begin a social colonoscopy on his background. Because as we know, when anyone in the gentry dares to make the elevated politicians in the nation appear less than angelic that individual needs to be taken down. Let us hope, for the sake of this farmer, he is not dragged through that social media crucible.


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