Ana Navarro Gets Patently Racist, Then Manages to Dig Herself an Even Deeper Black Hole


These are the first people to shout accusations of hatred about others.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of politics is when the loudest voices end up exposing themselves as being guilty of the very social offenses they accuse others of promoting. Call it projection, a lack of self-awareness, or operating with a double-standard — or probably some combination thereof — it is is always mirthful when the social scolds are outed by themselves.


The latest comes from conservative pundit Ana Navarro, who recently –…sorry. I always need to pause to compose myself after saying that. Okay, we’re fine now. Well, turns out Ms. Navarro came across some rather inconvenient information, and she reacted to that information in rather ugly fashion.

It began with the news that new polls came out showing a growing amount of support for President Trump among black voters.

Ana, when presented with this piece of data, was clearly bothered by the results.

The layers of idiocy she piles on here are almost impressive. How someone can be this crass while being astoundingly incorrect is something to behold. Just for openers, it was not one outlier poll, as she implies. It is a pair of respected polls, and they came up with nearly identical results on the same question.

Navarro, an alleged journalist of some regard, claims there is ‘’Zero chance this is accurate.’’ But she does nothing in the form of investigating, nor providing proof of her claim. If she dared to exhibit curiosity she would have found these are verifiably accurate poll results, as we even reported. But Ana instead decided to signal to her fan base — one it needs to be noted is decidedly left-leaning.


She gets dismissive about noted black conservative figures, making them out to be rare exceptions, and holding them up for scorn, because they are going against her virulent anti-Trump opinions. Once called out, the POC duo Diamond and Silk responded to Navarro’s bile.

We have seen this so often — that POC expressing an opinion that strays from the accepted liberal narrative are somehow permitted to become racist targets for criticism. That Navarro resorted to this base reaction only proves her true stance as a left-of-center thinker.

When she was called out on this ugly reaction she did not waver at all. Navarro stood firm on her comments, in fact. When one person called her out on the statement Ana tried the tired practice of saying essentially, ‘’But Trump!’’


Bypassing the number of her examples that are provably inaccurate, let us just play devil’s advocate and say all of those examples were correct. How does that in any way mitigate the hatred behind her comments? Pointing at someone else and declaring, ‘’But he said…’’ in no way diminishes the crudeness in her statement. It is lame deflection and something that has not worked for some time now.

That Navarro uses this leftist tactic, after taking the practiced stance of liberals to demean any black thinkers deviating from their policy stances, only goes further to prove her label of ‘’Republican’’ is merely for show. Toss in her contributions to the Kamala Harris campaign and I am left wondering exactly who could possibly still believe she has any conservative foundation remaining.



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