The Democrats Are Crowing About Taking Over the State of Virginia — We Should Let Them Have It

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They sure seem to be proud of the mess in this state.

It has been a tumultuous two years for Juli Briskman. In 2017 she became something of a name in her area of Virginia. While out riding her bike President Trump’s motorcade came driving past, and Juli — like many of her resistance-minded brethren — felt the need to act out. She extended her arm and raised her middle finger. Curiously this act was caught on camera, and she became a viral sensation.

At first, she was a media darling, but then came the backlash. Briskman was fired from her job as a result of the photo. Now here it is in 2019 and in Tuesday’s elections, Briskman won in a local contest. She has gone from losing her job over a crude act in public to becoming a government worker, and in many ways, she represents the shifting landscape in Old Dominion.

Briskman won a seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia. She is an activist, who has protested outside of Donald Trump’s golf course in her district. There have been those who called her victory “revenge’, or ‘justice”, which is a curious read, considering she was the one being aggressive and acting out in a challenging manner.

She also represents the influx that has taken place in the state over the past decade or so. Democrats and the press have been hailing the fact that the state legislature is now in full Democrat control, that Virginia has ‘’flipped’’ to a blue state. There is a reason for this, and when stepping back and analyzing things it may be for the better, politically.

That the more populous eastern counties of the state are driving this shift is of little surprise. The ever-swelling government means the federal workforce is always metastasizing, and in Virginia federal workers are growing like kudzu. There is only so much space within The Beltway, and neighborhoods that years ago were a blight now contain housing that is considered rent districts. Many are taking to the outlying suburbs to reside as a result, so it is with little surprise that those new arrivals who work for the government are voting for pro-government candidates.

But look over the Virginia political landscape in just the past year and you will see a disturbing batch of leaders with troubling issues that normally would disqualify them in the arena of common sense. Governor Ralph Northam has been a comically horrid figure. He proposed on a radio show that babies could be born and if unwanted be subject to infanticide. He also has managed to endure as the governor after he was revealed to have worn blackface in his college days.

This is normally politically fatal, but as staggeringly cement-headed as that act was he was not alone! State Attorney General Mark Herring was found to ALSO have his own checkered past of black-on-white adornment. Then you have Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax who has faced sexual assault allegations from multiple women. All three have steadfastly remained in office, despite calls for them to step down.

Then you have the case of Joe Morrisey, who just won a seat in the State Senate for the 16th District. His win is remarkable because he arrives with a troubled past. Recall all of the furor revolving around Roy Moore recently? His purported escapades with underage females were all the rage in the press and he was used as a shining example of all that was wrong with the GOP. Moore’s name was used to smear the President, and he was used as a cudgel against the broader GOP, supposedly an example of how dismissive and callous Republicans are towards women’s issues.

Curious then that the Democrats have elected a man who was actually jailed four years ago when he was found to have been in a sexual affair with his underage secretary. Curious, because it seems that having sex with a minor and committing workplace sexual aggression is considered a fluid infraction, depending on which party the individual operates within. Note how little outrage was heard from the media concerning Morrisey’s legal entanglement.

No, today the Democrats are cheering the takeover of this state. The party is bragging they now control Virginia, and I say let them. Because in so doing they are loudly proclaiming that they are a party that coddles and supports racism within their ranks. They are boldly stating how proud they are to have standing politicians who treat women as sexual objects for their own pleasure.

These are the core issues that Democrats love to raise and hold up as examples of the nefarious nature of Republicans. Yet here we have within one state a collection of politicians who represent all the worst of human nature (according to Democrat scolds) and they are permitted to remain in office with the approval of their party. All the while, quietly in Kentucky, they made history on Tuesday in electing Daniel Cameron as attorney general. It is the first time a Republican AG has been in place in 70 years, and he becomes the first-ever black attorney general for that state.

So we should go right ahead and applaud the Democrats today. We should go forward and amplify their excitement for their success in Virginia. After all, they certainly sound very proud to be the party that supports a state legislature that is filled with racists and rapists. Not only have they now fully embraced politicians who embody the very things they contend are horrid examples of humanity (at least in the past) but they have effectively muted their own outrage going forward.

The next time a Democrat, or a member of the press, attempts to be condescending about the GOP favoring a racially charged issue or a sexual harassment claim we can shut down their hectoring with just four words: “Um, what about Virginia?”


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