Schiffing Gears - The Media is Intent on Making Impeachment Valid While Ignoring the Ever-Changing Storyline

They will make this into a vital story even though the evidence continues to be elusive.

The press continues to loudly bang the kettle drums of impeachment and insist there is copious evidence to justify the proceedings. The latest is the strained attempt to show there is a shift among Republicans regarding impeachment. In a not at all desperate play CNN tries to insist that among ‘’moderate and liberal potential Republicans’’ there has been a shift of fifteen percentage points within this small subgroup. Ostensibly this represents…something.


Meanwhile what the press continues to ignore in noteworthy fashion is that the main figure in all of this impeachment hysteria — Rep. Adam Schiff — has consistently been starkly inconsistent in his claims. On nearly a weekly basis Schiff has made wholesale changes to his audacious claims, but two things have remained consistent; he continues to storm forward with impeachment invective, and the media will not look critically at his storyline.

One of the harbingers of someone having a story that is lacking in facts is when their claims and evidence changes on the fly. When new language or altered narratives become apparent then you are certain that they do not have all of the facts on their side. Take a look at the ever-evolving timeline of Adam Schiff on the Ukrainian phone ‘’scandal’’.

President Trump supposedly threatened the Ukrainian leader eight times during their call. This was said to be a grievous abuse of power. However once the President agreed to release the transcripts from his call that ‘’eight times’’ talking-point dissipated almost instantly.

Schiff pivoted away from that accusation, because – as he stated numerous times – the real criminal behavior was in the quid pro quo that Trump hand supposedly placed on his receiving help. Once that was seen as not entirely in the body of the call then Schiff came forward with the rather surprising announcement — there does not need to be a quid pro quo in order to justify impeachment.


Then we had the completely disqualifying behavior Schiff displayed during one hearing on the matter when he began quoting numerous lines from the transcript that did not at all appear in said transcript. His impotent claim that what he engaged in as ‘’parody’’, in order to illustrate what was ‘’really’’ said in the call should have seen him scorched across the journalistic universe. Instead the media backed him up and explained to us neophytes that it was a dramatic device.

Less reported was his coming out after the hearing and declaring that the Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire had voluntarily decided to come forward and testify. This, after Schiff had boldly accused Maguire of withholding the whistleblower complaint. Schiff then corrected himself and had to admit that Maguire appeared as a result of Schiff issuing a subpoena. It was clear that Schiff attempted to paint Maguire as another name who willingly was coming out in opposition to the President.

This also cuts to another dose of subterfuge by Schiff. He attempted to sell this lie about the whistleblower’s testimony being buried by administration officials when we have come to know that Schiff had been in contact with the whistleblower all along, and quite probably helped to craft the complaint. “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower, we would like to.” This had been Schiff’s claim repeatedly early in this process. Now we see this too was a bold lie.


Even one of Schiff’s loudest declarations over the years has been undone by his actions. All during the failed collusion investigation, Schiff was a loud proponent of transparency. It was his favorite cause. But now, after the fractures in the testimony of the whistleblower have been exposed, and the individual is said to be a hyper-partisan Trump opponent while heavily lawyered up with Democrat representation, Schiff does not want to expose his tool. He has called for the whistleblower to be completely shielded, to only give a written account, and to face no cross-examinations.

This is not the move of someone supremely confident in a testimony. Ever since the connection to Schiff has been revealed the Democrats now are holding back on the testimony, depositions, and transcripts. A curious behavior, after demanding the whistleblower be heard in unencumbered fashion before the Committee.

But the press, in its always incurious fashion, sees no reason at all to look into any of these inconsistencies. As CNN has become the All Impeachment, All The Time network you might think there would be a dedicated mind or two looking into the matter critically. Instead it is all pom-poms and cheerleading pyramids, as they root on their star quarterback Adam Schiff. Nevermind that he is ripping pages out of his playbook on an almost daily basis.



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