New York Times Corrects its Kavanaugh Hit Piece and Exposes the Orchestrated Hit By the Democrats and Media


Seton Motley | Red State |

Ironically, as the press ignores a lack of proof, there is ample evidence of Dem/Media collusion today

Sunday the news nets and social media were all aflame with the “news” of breaking Brett Kavanaugh information. The New York Times released excerpts from an upcoming book written by its reporters on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation affair, and it was a napalm blast that ignited a firestorm of conjecture. It was also completely unfounded, but unfounded speculation has never stopped the media before, and this latest is just an example of ongoing media malpractice.


The new revelation was that a former classmate of Kavanaugh at Yale recalled seeing a rather graphic episode involving forcing the genitalia of Kavanaugh on an unsuspecting and unwilling female victim. There were a number of issues with this revelation, beginning with the fact that it took decades to arrive. Additionally this charge was not lodged by the woman in question, but by a man who claims to have seen the incident, Max Stier. That Stier worked as a lawyer in the Bill Clinton impeachment process is a side note; that he has never said anything about this incident in the past few decades is notable.

The first sign of trouble for the New York Times was pulling down its tweet Saturday night about the penis-thrusting incident.

This of course did little to stem the wave of outrage from our thought leaders. The amazing thing to watch was how many in the press were insisting this was a new revelation, and it somehow cast ALL of the prior speculation into a new light, when instead it was a charge against Kavanaugh that was as baseless as any of the others that have been tossed aside due to lack of evidence. Somehow a claim from a Clinton operative, not the victim, that was never previously reported is now being held as “proof” by journalists. Those are some loosely held ethics.


Then, as the press was in loud concert in declaring “credible” new evidence has been revealed, the Times relied on its now-common practice — the Quiet Correction. All of a sudden, in the middle of all of the tumult, a small detail was revealed by The Paper of Record regarding this new and blazingly significant revelation in its upcoming book: the supposed victim of the Kavanaugh sex crime has no recollection of this event.

Consider the significance of what has taken place now. This means we have the New York Times promoting items from its own book as revelatory and potentially scandalous, that have been completely disproven — by items inside of the very same book. The Times knew this was the case, and yet it pumped out the allegation, allowed the mainstream media to bleat and screech over this, and then subtly corrects itself with a “by the way”-level correction that it had been in possession of the entire time.

And many in the press have gone on screaming about cover-up of the Kavanaugh details, and how the administration has forced through a “guilty” Supreme Court nominee. To further illustrate the coordination look through this list of Democrat politicians and media players who have all come out with a tellingly similar read on the hearing and investigation into the Kavanaugh charges.


Note how many have jumped on board with calling the FBI investigation into the accusers here was all a “Sham”: Sen. Mazie HironoSen. Amy KlobucharHarry Reid’s COS Adam JentlesonRobert Reich — as well as a number of journalists and reporters, and even an actress. All echo the same “sham” messaging.

There is something even more revealing. Note that all of these vaunted names who are energetically lambasting the Federal Bureau of Investigations are in fact violating one of their own previous coordinated outrages. Recall that it was not too long ago the thought of President Trump being critical of the FBI was an affront to our very democracy?


Ah, those shifting moral standards on the left. Who would dare think that their current outrage would be in direct opposition to their past outrages?! Well…anyone who is paying attention.


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