A Guide for Providing Donations for Bahamian Hurricane Relief

It is not hyperbolic to say the island nation was ravaged by hurricane Dorian, and here is how to help.

For much of the past week we here in Florida have been under an anxious cloud with a Category-5 Hurricane Dorian literally stationed just off of our coast. As we have been spared there has been a sinking feeling in watching the storm reports as the second-strongest hurricane to ever appear in the Atlantic made a direct hit on the Bahamas and practically stopped directly atop the small island nation.


This has been a storm that has stymied hurricane experts almost from its formation and it has behaved in ways few predicted. Case in point, on August 26 prognostications had this storm dissipating through the western Caribbean and reaching Florida as a tropical depression that would make for a wet weekend. Within two days Dorian was a Cat-3 hurricane with winds over 100 miles greater than predicted.

It is with amazement that most of this state has been spared from the effects of Dorian, but on the opposite side of the spectrum the Bahamas have possibly become transformed. Neighborhoods have been rendered, many are still missing, and recovery is going to be a lengthy process as the main islands absorbed 185 miles per hour winds for a lengthy stay of a slow-moving tempest. The heartbreak on the islands can be felt already.

There was no buffer for this nation as it was hit, with the country having merely a ten-foot elevation above sea level. The fact that Nassau is situated only 70 miles from my coastline and we experienced barely noticeable weather, while this beast savaged Grand Bahama and the northern islands, is a palpable paradox for us here. These are people in need of serious assistance and there are a number of relief charities that will be working directly on those islands. Please consider helping any of these verified groups to which you can donate in the hope of lending recovery.


This is a Bahamian relief group based on the islands with complete transparency of its funding. It has worked to aid the nation following storms such as Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Joaquin in 2015. This organization channels donations directly to aid efforts, and it offers complete reporting of funds.

Direct Donation: GoFundMe Page

HFI is another aid organization with experience in working in the Bahamas following prior hurricane events. They gather relief supplies and work directly with local agencies to direct the aid, goods, and services on the ground in the islands.

HFI Direct:  Bahamian Donation Page

Jacksonville-based travel writer Angie Orth recommends this relief outfit, operated by those on Long Island who were affected by Hurricane Juaquin. They are accepting both cash donations as well as being able to purchase relief goods through Amazon that will be shipped directly to the ravaged areas.

Direct Donation: GoFundMe Page

Amazon: Wishlist Items

A non-profit outfit registered in the U.S. collecting goods to be delivered into affected areas as directed by island partnering organizations.


LAH Direct: Bahamian Donation Page


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