Bernie Sanders and the Left Give Lip Service to Helping Service Workers but Work to Make Them Unemployed

I Don't Wanna Go

The vocal proponents of a “living wage” are actually taking action that would provide no wages at all.

As we have seen in the recent reports for the past month or so there is a concerted effort from Presidential candidates and activists from the left to publicly shame and target companies and individuals who have any political affiliation with President Trump. The claim is that ANY backing of the President is tantamount to racism, and therefore any company that engages in the political process involving him needs to be shunned and shut down.


This is juvenile thinking, or more accurately, infantile. If you do this, then you are that, and therefore BAD! As Bonchie wrote earlier today, this mindset has led to numerous unthinking sheeple to declare a boycott on the Olive Garden restaurant chain. That the parent company, Darden Restaurants, does not contribute to Trump is only the start of the idiocy from these over-reactionaries.

This all stemmed from a lone tweet – sent by a college student. (We all know how they have cornered the market on knowledge, not yet earned.) That tweet drew up a list of food vendors who accusedly donated money to Donald Trump, and therefore are worthy of scorn and derision, and should suffer great economic losses. Except this list is complete and utter garbage.

Unlike the vaunted minds who are telling us how to think and behave, Philip Bump from the Washington Post did something novel and unique: he applied pragmatic thought to this list. Looking into things he found that hardly any of the listed companies had donated any provable amount of money to Donald Trump. In fact, Bump looked ardently enough into the figures for donations to 2020 campaigns, and came up with this explainer concerning donations from the already hated Chick-Fil-A:

The FEC’s records show about $1,000 in contributions from four employees of the chain who live in Wyoming, California, South Carolina and Florida. One works in maintenance. Two are hostesses. None, it’s safe to assume, represents the company overall. But the FEC’s data also show that five Starbucks employees gave about $800 to Trump. Is Starbucks therefore a pro-Trump company?


If these knee-jerk boycotters were adhering to anything approaching a standard then Starbucks would be seeing picket lines right now. Regardless, this entirely worthless list has been circulated on social media by the likes of BET Network, a number of celebrities, and some people working for Democrat candidates. Specifically, Bernie Sanders.

Now for the sake of analysis here, take a look at the companies listed in that tweet. All of them have workers on the payroll that would be specifically who Bernie Sanders would trot out as an example of those in need of his salvational $15 minimum wage. These are the very people who are claimed to be in need of a “living wage”, and who nobody cares about more than Sanders himself. Yet here are those on the left, claiming they care for these workers, lobbying to punish the companies they work for, threatening their livelihoods.

If these hysterical activist-minded boycotters got there way these toxic companies who allegedly gave money to Trump would be SHUT DOWN! Annnnnnd, those workers they care so much about would be on the streets, with no wage to speak of, “living” or otherwise.


As usual with these social activists, their words show far more concern for the common man than their actions.


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