Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 73 -- The Serious Frivolity Edition

Marble Halls & Silver Screens


An exclusive podcast from RedState about the connections of politics and entertainment, covering the stories from Burbank to The Beltway

Our new format is met with a tentatively new technical advancement – who knew? Hopefully we sound better, even if we are not doing better. This week we had much to cover, from serious governmental machinations to a new CNN book on the market, from a documentary with questionable facts to the Democrt Party maxing out its credit cards.


To go along with that people could not decide if they were upset at YouTube or upset with a Kardashian throwing a party. But dammit, there was cause to be upset!!!



  • The Steele Dossier continues to be a source of major consternation as more and more it appears to have been a fabricated tool of Hillary and the DNC. Now it has State Department connections.
  • Speaking of the DNC, they just took out a second major loan to gear up for the campaign season. This is due to them operating with a debt at the moment – so by all means, go further into debt!
  • Sarah covers a new Netflix documentary about supposedly wrongly convicted youths. The reliance upon demonizing Donald Trump to make their case actually hurts their case.
  • People on the left are inflamed that Kylie Jenner dared to stage a Handmaid’s Tale-themed party. Apparently wearing costumes from a make-believe program is somehow literally offensive…???
  • The New York Times is in the process of arguing that news outlets are entitled to more money from Google and social media platforms because they siphon off advertising revenue. This should get nasty.
  • Steven Crowder was targeted by Vox writer Carlos Maza to be demonitized for offending…Carlos Maza. In amazing fashion Maza won the complaint, and then managed to play the victim after winning. Meanwhile after having a revenue stream denied him Crowder became richer.

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