Chicago Police Department Releases Hundreds of Pages of Documents from the Jussie Smollett Investigation

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The details prove the case even stronger that the story was nothing but a collection of lies.

It has been four months now that the Jussie Smollett case has been a national news story. The singer/actor who was a cast member of the Chicago-based Fox drama “Empire” has managed, in that time frame, to deliver more drama than the entire run of that program.


Last week a judge ruled that the court case, which had been bizarrely sealed following all 16 charges held against Smollett being dropped, would in fact become unsealed. “While the court appreciates that the defendant was in the public eye before the events that precipitated this case,” wrote Judge Steven Watkins in his decision, “it was not necessary for him to address this so publicly and to such an extent. By doing so, the court cannot credit his privacy interest as good cause to keep the case records sealed.”

The Chicago police has as a result released hundreds of pages of digital files related to its investigation. (Links to the PDFs are below.) While select elements of the files are redacted there are times where the particular players — specifically the Osundairo brothers — are evident in the redactions. It becomes rather clear in the various pages the police had a firm shift in their investigation, based on the collected information and began to regard Smollett as the hoaxer he is now recognized as being.

We see in the documents that the police recognized the Osundairo brothers as important figures while both were out of the country. A plan was put into place to arrest them as they returned to O’Hare Airport, and then execute a simultaneous search warrant of their home. It was on February 13 that the brothers confessed to perpetrating the false incident, which they say was staged and planned by Smollett. This was one day before Smollett’s now infamous Good Morning America interview.


In the report where Smollett gave details of his “attacker” he is described as:
5’10-6’00 180-200
Black Mask With Open Eyes Only, Dark Jacket/Top, Dark Pants

There is no mention made of there being a red MAGA hat. That was an embellishment that Smollett gave investigators in a subsequent interview. Also, on the day of the GMA appearance there is a follow up interview where detectives noted to Smollett there was a number of inconsistent details he gave about what the attacker was said to be wearing, and his declaration of their race. Victim now stated that he “Assumed they were white due to the comments that were made”.

One page describes the conditions on the evening in question:
Cold and Clear, 5 degrees, Artificial Street Lamp Lighting

As we speculated here in previous reports, those are not the kind of conditions in which individuals who are hoping their target might somehow arrive at 2:00 am would likely be staking out.

One page comes with the heading of MANNER/MOTIVE – Jussie SMOLLETT made false reports to the police claiming to be the victim of an aggravated battery. It is under this section that the police detail finding the surveillance video of the Osundario brothers shopping at the Beauty House store. They are recorded buying items, including a face mask, knit cap, gloves, a red hat, and sunglasses. It is almost surprising they are not recorded asking the clerk where they can find the “anonymous robbery/assault gear package”.


The staging of the assault was described by one of the brothers. He detailed how he punched Smollett in the face and began hitting about the body being careful to “pull his punches”. He also began rubbing his knuckle into SMOLLETT’S face trying to “bruise him” without hurting him to [sic]badly. Osundairo had been nervous about the car that had passed them and was trying to get the staged incident finished as quick as possible.

It is in this passage that we get confirmation about that hot sauce bottle that had been found in the area by the New York Post days following the incident. Osundairo had brought a hot sauce bottle with him that contained bleach and at this time he poured the bleach onto SMOLLETT who was still on the ground.

The investigators also found that the Osundairo brothers were serving as more than personal trainers for Smollett. Based on texts recovered from Smollett’s phone it was discovered they were a source of recreational drugs for the entertainer. It was found during the review of these text records that on numerous occasions Smollett would request that [redacted Osundairo name] procure items for SMOLLETT which SMOLLETT described as weed, Molly, or Whitney. The detectives acknowledge these to be requests for cannabis, extacy, and cocaine.


This lead investigators to conclude that payments from Smollett was in fact not for training as captioned.

The matter is sure to become of greater interest in future weeks. The police have stated they will soon be releasing video tapes from surveillance cameras they have obtained during the lengthy investigation. If you prefer to read the through the files there are three links to the released documents below.





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