Hysteria Abounds as Florida Passes a Statewide Ban on Sanctuary Cities

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Outrage ensues, but not common sense, as Florida passes a law to honor federal immigration laws.

It has been a furious week in Tallahassee as the legislative branch has been working overtime most nights this week hammering out new policies. The session is ending today so any new bills expecting to be passed had to be finalized. One of those is a long-gestating policy to prevent any authorities from lending cover to illegal immigrants.


The statewide ban on county and municipal leaders desiring to shield illegal immigrants has been a long in the works bill. The deadline on the current session has helped to bring about enough urgency to get the embattled House and Senate to compromise enough to send the bill to the desk of Governor Ron DeSantis.

The main component of the bill concerned ensuring that local and state officials honor requests by federal law enforcement in regards to immigration detainers, in accordance with federal immigration law. Honoring these federal requests would be considered a required action. Governor DeSantis is expected to sign this into law, and there has been no lack of hysterical outrage regarding the passage.

Immediately following the announcement that passage in the Senate took place late Thursday night the Florida Democratic Party reacted in their expected calm manner.


It can be said the party here needs to calm down. The state still welcomes immigrants, so long as they are here legally and are properly documented. Some estimates show the immigrant population in the state may run as high as 20%. In typical fashion, the Democrats want to elide the “illegal” component in their outcry.

Not to be outdone the American Civil Liberties Union issued a travel warning for the state. In a tweet sent out regarding the bill possibly being passed the ACLU issued their warning for “immigrants and people of color” to be wary when traveling in Florida. Why they think this would affect POC residents is not exactly explained.

It has even been said that this bill could be bad news for gays as well, because when demonizing a piece of legislation you need to incorporate all possible aggrieved groups. Many of the local papers have run their opposition pieces, warning of the economic calamities that may follow, how communities will dissolve, that this defaces the history of the state, and it will even negatively impact the next census.


Mind you, all of this wailing is concerning passage of a bill that addresses enforcement of the current law. The only people who will be directly affected are those who are not following immigration policies. If following the law will lead to all of this societal upheaval imagine what allowing the lawbreaking to go unaddressed could lead to!


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