The Denialists: The Press, Dems, and Tru-Con Never Trumpers Cannot Let Facts Dissuade Their Collusion Fantasy, but for differing reasons

A two-year probe is not enough. Numerous Trump opponents just KNOW there is more!

With the arrival of the full Mueller report laying out the case that the obsession the left and journalists had that proof existed of illegal coordination between Trump and the state of Russia, many are not taking it well. As could be expected many of the most ardent proponents of the story — of the myth — refuse to let go, and for various reasons.


Democrat politicians continue to visit the news nets, doing all they can to extend the narrative further. They are discounting the letter sent by the Attorney General, stating they want to see the full Mueller report, not some “cover letter”, as they dismissively refer to the summation Bill Barr issued. Note the implication here, that the AG might somehow be operating to deceive the nation by drawing a conclusion not found in the report.

Already some Dems stepped on a rake with this narrative. Jerry Nadler was among those who declared that Barr had rushed out his letter in a matter of hours after Mueller’s delivery when it was later shown Barr had the details already for some time longer. Eric Swalwell has been in a perpetual snit since Sunday, constantly calling out for the FULL REPORT to be released, as if Barr is breaking the law by hiding the report.

The Democrats are doing this for the craven reason of looking at next year’s general election. The Mueller report did more than undermine their primary platform, it delivered the most compelling campaign talking point for President Trump. He can now show they have spent over two years demonizing him over purely partisan issues. The Dems are also moving forward with investigations into other aspects of Trump’s realm, such as his finances, and possible illegalities with his campaign.

Proving that the President is guilty of something is their linchpin for 2020.

The media complex needs to keep the collusion story churning for numerous reasons of its own, just one of those being financial. The Russian Collusion story has been a boon for the news nets. Numerous papers have been kept afloat on the strength of this hoax. Recall after the 2016 election, a number of publications announced they were greatly expanding their staffs in anticipation of going after a President that carried the tang of illegitimacy.


The collusion story kept them in fresh cage shavings. Their staff sizes were legitimized, and there was plenty of material to generate — or create out of whole cloth. But the other reason for the media to keep at this tale, to continue to keep it alive has more to do with revenues; their collective reputations are in the balance.

The journalists who pushed this myth, pumped it, and kept it going for well over two years now cannot have this become simply disproven. Look at the desperate rage we have seen from the main names in media. Carl Bernstein was raving loudly about the great accomplishments they have been doing on this story. Joe Scarborough was shouting at his cameras about the magnificent and important work the press has been doing. Brian Stelter turned his supposed critical eye on the media and could only see noble efforts and valuable services performed.

All over a story that after two years was shown to be non-existent. Careers have been launched, books have been sold, and Pulitzers have been awarded — over a story a great swath of journalism had gotten abjectly incorrect. They are left having to insist they did wonderful things — they are in the cycle now of gaslighting us, to use their current favorite descriptor.

Last we have the select group of never-Trumpers. They are taking this particularly poorly because if they become exposed as being wrong all this time there is nowhere left for them to go. Max Boot continues to insist that things are different than they are proven to be. He repeatedly states since Sunday there were defined campaign ties to Russia. (Maybe he should tip off the DOJ?) He insists there was no link to Hillary and Russian intel. He has to keep these legends alive.


Charlie Sykes is acting no more balanced. He wrote a piece complaining about how Bill Barr “inserted himself” into the Russian probe this weekend. Robert Mueller was working on behalf of the Justice Department. His report was to be completed and submitted to the Attorney General — Bill Barr. Charlie is upset by this, that the legal chain of command was being followed. He has to demonize this process because their desired target was not felled by the report they had built so much upon.

Figures like Max, and Charlie, and the constantly mewling Never Trump Armada have to insist on these phantom issues to remain true — because they have nowhere else to go. Their dream in all of this has been to rail loudly about Trump until his inevitable downfall, after which they would be positioned as the wise elders. If it turns out all of their prophecies do not come to the expected fruition where do they have left to turn?

They have spurned most every other conservative figure and outlets, and done so in rather bilious fashion. Once it appears that the GOP and conservatives, in general, are operating just fine without the Tru-Con opposition forces they will have to turn and peer over their left shoulder to find their new home.

In fact, that is a likely move that is already in the works. Why else would the people who claim to be preserving the conservative movement be so vested in how the Democrat agenda is going to look next year?




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