A Tearful High School Teacher Forced to Remove Poster of Colin Kaepernick

What to make of the paradox when outrage hustlers become undone by outrage?

While not a socially significant event there are some lessons – and possible some mirth – to be found when the practice of outrage politics gets applied to those who normally wield the effort. At issue is a high school teacher named Alissa Perry, who was forced by school officials to remove a poster she had constructed for Black History Month.


As reported by WINK News, in honor of the month the Port Charlotte High teacher had made a door-sized artwork for the entrance to her classroom that featured the embattled quarterback taking a knee, resplendent with an afro that stretched well beyond the door frame. School officials cited receiving numerous complaints from parents, and on social media, stating the artwork was not proper. This cuts to a familiar refrain we see in this kinds of stories that usually trend in the opposite direction.

In a post by a student, who recorded the removal, Perry is tearful as she gives a brief message, before taking down the door covering. As to be expected, race huckster Shaun King weighed in on the matter. “Just outrageous….officials at her school and in her district made her take down her Black History Month door cover of Colin Kaepernick because it ‘was offensive’ to some students.” He continued with his hyperbole. “It’s literally just art of Colin Kaepernick. They don’t just want to ban @kaepernick7 from the @NFL, they want to make him untouchable in American schools. It’s disgusting.”

If King, and other activists, want to find the cause for this type of reaction they need look no further than the closest mirror. They have elevated themselves on exactly this type of tactic, the churned outrage against a supposed social inequity, all based on nothing more than it “was offensive” to some. Now something that King actually supports is targeted in similar fashion, and he is in a snit over the practice.


This is a reality of their own making. When you traffic in the wielding of the charge over what “was offensive” then you can expect others to undertake that very same tactic.

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