The Left Will Prove MAGA Hatred is Real Even if They Need to Manufacture the Examples


The mounting list of falsified proof of conservative racism does little to change those convinced it is real.

We are currently in yet another cycle of the media and celebrity set scrambling after their hysterical fable of MAGA hat-wearing bigots becomes just another hoax. It is a revelation of how the media works in concert on particular narratives, and how the left is intent on driving the case that Trump — and the conservative right — are inherently evil and as a result diminished politically, if not as humans.


The past month we have seen a concerted effort by politicians, celebrities, and members of the media attempting to equate the red MAGA hat with Klan hoods. Wear that Make America Great Again headgear and you are defined as a racist. “Actress” Alyssa Milano is but one of the luminaries who has forwarded this particular talking point.

She sent that out just as the fiasco of a story that was the Covington High School dust-up in Washington D.C. was flaring. Once it was revealed these supposedly hateful students did not, in fact, instigate the episode meant some in the press had to backtrack. Nonetheless, Milano stood firm in her position. In an op-ed she wrote for The Wrap we see that after presented with evidence that conflicts with her belief it changed nothing.

Still, some things in that video cannot be disputed–no matter what angle or how extended the cut is. These boys, who attend a religious school, were there on a school trip protesting against a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Several of these boys were wearing red MAGA hats, a hat that has become synonymous with white nationalism and racism.

Thus, teens attending a pro-life march can be described as racists and white nationalists…why?! Simply because they take a position of opposition to her own, and this is something we have seen repeatedly from the Left. Disagreement is tantamount to hate, and so any descriptor that illustrates this hate is apt, and proper, in their eyes. This leads the accusers down rabbit holes which eventually cave in, the result of not being fortified by facts.


The Jussie Smollett hoax and the Covington High stories have played out because swarms of people wanted to believe, and the press was operating from a de facto narrative it just knew was the case. The narrative was already implanted, they all just needed the whisper of proof. This is the toxicity of confirmation bias, where the moment they received something that appears to be evidence the reaction was to…well, they pounced.

This desire — the need — to demonize those on the right with this most hateful of accusations is not quelled in any respect with contradictory facts. That is because it does not originate from proof, but from an assumption; an emotional belief that resides inside the accuser. This condition exists in that same realm that is resistant to factual contradictions –conspiracy theories. They get just enough intel to support their feelings, and they dispatch or ignore any contradictory information.

This condition is exposed by the explanation when their supposed proof fails to hold up, “well this particular example was shown to be wrong, but we know this is a reality!” The Cliffs Notes version is the now-familiar “inaccurate, but true” canard. There is a corollary evasion when the facts dispel the charge — “Well at the least this will begin a dialogue on the subject.” That dialogue never addresses the outright lies that were told, it only gets their intended message out — and it keeps the field fertile for more of those lies.


This gives us the amazing condition of the activists and journalists on the left maintaining there is avid proof out there of Trump/MAGA racism. Yet they need to constantly source prefab examples to make their case. Look at the examples Trump has been charged with. The press declared he called immigrants “animals” when in truth he was describing violent gang members. The press had to blatantly ignore the comment came during a meeting with mayors — to address gang violence.

The immigration policy at the border has been another fiasco of forced foreign intolerance. Time after time we had been presented with policy and governmental action that was said to be indicative of President Trump’s inhumane attitude towards foreigners. As I detailed at length, repeatedly the press held up as proof examples of Trump racist policies that were in fact enforced or enacted by the prior administration. That these examples were not deemed racist prior to the 2016 election is all you need to know how this delusion is playing out.

Since the election, Trump supporters have been a constant source of falsified evidence of a toxic agenda. A Muslim woman claimed MAGA-hatters stole her hijab. Another claimed to have been mugged by Trump supporters. An arson, a church burning, a tire slashing, church vandalism, synagogue vandalism, campus graffiti, were each — and numerous other examples — blamed on Trump’s racism. All were proven to be faked examples.


What we are not permitted to point out is that, like the two most recent examples of faked reports cited as “proof”, their claims have become routinely exposed as abjectly inaccurate. In fact, noting the errors made in the press, or by others, would be perceived as a defense and therefore proof that you are a racist as well. After pointing the various inaccuracies in the Jussie Smollett myth many people were accused of being bigoted by simply asking for evidence that the attack occurred.

This is because the accusers know the proof is much harder to come by than they hoped. That term alone is disturbing enough; so many times they actually hope these hate-crimes are genuine. They wish for these instances to be real because then their inherent intolerance for the President becomes justified.

What they refuse to realize is a fundamental reality, one they steadfastly refuse to face; that being if they need to fabricate all these examples of intolerance from Trump, and his devoted followers, then that intolerance is not nearly the problem they hope for it to be.

They will choose instead to remain convinced of two assumed realities: Trump is indeed a racist, and the proof of this will arrive any day now.

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