Democrats Demand Citizens Submit to Background Checks, but Prevent Same for Illegals

They invoke “gun safety” while at the same time preventing safe measures from being added to a gun bill.

What can be said when elected officials — the party that invokes gun safety and the need to rein in violent gun activity — come out against measures to step up enforcement of dangerous activity? How do you describe a party that forwards a bill on background checks for guns but battles against comprehensive reporting? What more needs to be said about politicians who target citizens’ rights while working to exclude illegal non-citizens from enforcement of our laws?


Welcome to the newly installed House Democrats. This is a group that has wasted little time in forming a committee to push some of its cherished legislation — gun control — and then gleefully exposes themselves as hacks on the subject in almost as rapid a fashion.

At issue is House Resolution 8, which would expand background checks on all firearm sales and transfers. What is remarkable to behold, however, is the bill, residing in the House Judiciary Committee, was prevented from having additional strident measures applied. GOP members attempted to have amendments calling for law enforcement to be notified when a citizen fails a background check. Additionally, they called for ICE to be alerted if an illegal alien attempted to purchase a weapon.

The bill is rather humorously dubbed “The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019,” the irony being that party purity has ruled. The bill is Democrat written, the Republican measures have been dismissed, and the bill passed on to a floor vote by strict party-line vote.

Chairman Jerry Nadler said, “Our country is awash in guns, and we have the shameful death toll to show for it.” Then he proceeded to strip the bill of actual law enforcement provisions to make things safer. Nadler resorted to statistical gymnastics to make his case, a common practice with the gun-nabbers. Nadler said that 40,000 lives were lost to gun violence. However, of that figure, a wide majority — nearly 24,000 — were the result of suicide, which cancels out the use of the term “violence”.


One amendment proposed by Rep. Greg Steube (FL) would notify law enforcement whenever someone failed a criminal background check. Steube used language from a Democrat proposal called the “Unlawful Gun Buyer Alert Act” — so the House Dems voted down what was essentially their own proposal. Those same Democrats meanwhile, as they wrung their hands over violent gun use, called the GOP amendment proposals to toughen reporting standards a delay tactic.

Committee member Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla underscored their party’s concerns for common sense on gun control — and then urged their desire to bypass reporting failed checks and illegal alien attempts at purchases. “Let’s move forward,” she said, explaining why tougher background check standards were not important. They did little to explain what the rush was to push forward the bill, nor how adding stricter reporting methods was a hindrance.

The recent shooter in Aurora, IL was discovered to have obtained a weapon that he should have been prevented from purchasing. The failure of proper reporting of background details of potentially troublesome individuals has been a recurring issue in recent years. Yet the Democrats just fought to prevent measures that would improve these very activities, all while insisting gun safety is their primary concern.

Possibly most galling is the blocking of reporting illegal resident attempts at purchasing a firearm. Democratic opposition to ICE is so strident that they will allow these illegal attempts to go unreported, all while calling for restrictions on the freedoms of American citizens.


The saving grace amid this level of lunacy is that this bill stands little chance of passing the GOP-controlled Senate. Meanwhile, there is ample evidence now revealing how Democrats are far more interested in limiting the rights of gun ownership than they are in making conditions safer for citizens.


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