Andrew Cuomo Senior Aide Mocks Florida Schools on Anniversary of Parkland Shooting

Sure, you are upset at the loss of billions in tax revenue, but mocking a tragedy is hardly the remedy.

It was not so long ago when even daring to correct factual errors made by the Parkland students-turned-activists was met with “stop attacking the victims!” Well today, on the one year anniversary of the shooting in which 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas were killed, and another 117 wounded, Andrew Cuomo’s top aide seems to think that tragedy is a punchline worthy of scoring political points.


It began last night when Florida freshman Senator, and former Governor, Rick Scott sent out a tweet addressing the recent issue the state of New York has with tax revenue shortfalls. As I covered recently, Andrew Cuomo was bemoaning the loss of billions over just the past two months, as there has been an exodus of the wealthy from his state.

Cuomo has been unable to look at a mirror since he learned of the loss of those billions, and has been desperate to find others to blame for the flight of the rich. Rick Scott commented on a recent claim Cuomo made, that being the state of Florida was “stealing” wealthy citizens.

Everything Scott listed in that tweet is accurate. The economy of the Sunshine State has been purring, and the lack of an income tax, and a homestead exemption are just part of the lures for businesses and the wealthy. However Cuomo’s Senior Advisor, Rich Azzopardi, took offense to Rick Scott’s numerous accuracies, and he felt the need to lash out. That he did so in the most oblivious and offense way possible is something to regard.



At the very least, to his stunted credit Rich has since deleted the tweet. Why anyone would think that school shootings is a debate point to mock someone is a complete mystery. Doing so on the anniversary of the worst school shooting in history goes beyond being tone-deaf; it is the nadir of civility.


Azzopardi cannot even hide behind a wan excuse, like he was referring to school performances and assessments. This national ranking has Florida sitting at #7 nationwide, as New York does not even crack the top-20. Thus, there is little mystery as to what he was referrring to in that memory-holed tweet.

Considering how Cuomo is looking around and currently blaming anyone he can — Trump, the economy, Florida, etc. — for his foibles, is a sign that looking inward and being self-aware is not a skillset he is in possession of at the moment.

That his top aide had no hesitation in making light of one of the country’s most recent tragedy, and on the anniversary of it occurring no less, seems that he hires people lacking that character in the same manner.



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