Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 54 -- The Take The Furlough Road Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

Following a tough week for the media they followed that up by having a tough week. A number of outlets reported on bad news within their own ranks. But just as they were losing their jobs the government workers reacquired theirs.


There was much happening, from a Vegas lounge act slamming a D.C. politician to mocking a socialist politician while socialist Venezuela has just about hit rock bottom. And to cap it all off Brad saw what may already be the worst film of 2019. (Yes, it was that kind of movie.)


THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Obssessed” — Mariah Carey


  • After a number of disastrous stories the week before there were two major announcements of layoffs, one at HuffPo, and another at BuzzFeed. As the journalists cried offense at being told to learn to code, we found a report from them suggesting women do just that. Ironical!
  • Speaking of screwing up stories in grand fashion, WaPo responded to their own foul-ups on the Covington high school in classic fashion: The problem was Trump fans pouncing on their errors.
  • Venezuela is working its way – hopefully – through regime change. Trump is being blamed for a coup (like it is a bad thing), even though dozens of nations are behind the overthrow.
  • Lady Gaga, of all people, declares that Mike Pence is the “worst” kind of Christian, and she does so in a notably unChristian manner.
  • Brad saw the new Matthew McConaughey film “Serenity” and it was…well, ever have a fever dream?…

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