Late Night Developments on the Jussie Smollett Investigation Cast Even More Questions

The release last night of video footage in the area of the attack on “Empire” actor and singer Jussie Smollett has Chicago police still seeking answers. As detailed here by Sister Toldjah last night, the CPD released images of two figures seen walking in the general area of the incident, and implore the public to come forward with any details.


There are more factors that have come to light which cast even more questions into the incident that can to this point be described with any term between “curious” to “bizarre”. At Variety they detailed that Smollett’s music manager, Brandon Z. Moore, was on the phone with Smollett during the incident, and confirms the racial slurs being used during the attack: Moore told Variety that he heard those words being used. “I heard that clearly. I heard the scuffle and I heard the racial slur,” he said.

But just when you think that something tangible regarding this case has arrived we once again see blockades. Local Chicago news reporter Rob Elgas has been in regular contact with the local police, and more details from that night have been made known. Regarding this phone call things remain unconfirmed.

Attempting to piece together how events may have transpired early Tuesday morning the CPD has put together a variety of images from various surveillance cameras in the area. The first detail to note, the community alert sent out by police places the two figures in the region between 1:30 am-1:45 am. The attack was reported to have happened at 2:00 am.

At no time is there a recording of the episode, and at no time do these two individuals appear on the same camera as Smollett. As police have stitched together the footage the closest connection so far is Smollett being seen on one camera, and the two persons of interest captured on a different camera entirely.


Any of the times noted — with Smollett and the two unknowns — they are said to be walking. No rushing and no running away is reported. The figures are not thought to be approaching anything in a rush, and Smollett is not deemed to be trying to flee anything.

Then the footage starts to raise some high level curiosity. The police have surveillance showing Smollett entering his condo under his own power. He has been out of camera range for less than one minute, and he is clearly seen with the rope around his neck. More odd, once inside he walks by building security, and enters an elevator.

This is when the questions stack up far higher than the answers. Beyond a lack of video of a confrontation, there appear to be no indications on tape of Smollett acting in a distressed fashion. He is walking, not in an excitable state. Would someone who had just been attacked simply stroll past a security guard with no mention of a need for assistance?


As for refusing to turn over his phone, that prevents the most solid basis of proof that this incident actually transpired. Note too, in the previous reports, Smollett requested police turn off their body-cams before he gave his statement.

And why would he have never removed the rope from around his neck that was placed there aggressively by attackers? He is not only seen walking into his building with it in place, the police have also said he still had it around his neck when they arrived to first question him, 45 minutes following the attack.

As this case develops and fewer items get resolved it raises the question of how much similar effort police devote to the myriad other violent crimes that transpire in their city.


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