Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.37 -- The Pre-Halloween Skeletons Edition


Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

And you thought that the end of the confirmation hearing was the End??? The Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh is turning into “The Neverending Hearing”. Democrats and Christine Blasey Ford are in a perpetual delay loop, trying to stall the vote until…well, maybe until the end of the second Marvel Cinematic Universe.


We did manage to find other subjects to discuss as well, some that were rather enjoyable, too! There is beer, poker, sexy Halloween scandal, a stunted DOJ player being shown the door, and a bloated filmmaker falling on his face. Come join the fun! (After we gnaw on the craziness for a while…)




THIS WEEK’S THEME: “End of the Innocence”” — DON HENLEY



  • The SCOTUS nomination has been constantly pushed out, and we grapple with the overriding question: “Will Dr. Ford actually testify???
  • Feminists who hate the idea of repressing women and mandat what they wear managed to repress women by telling them what they could not wear.
  • There has been little mentioned lately of the story on Russian collusion/medling/trolling (circle your choice). But then Rod Rosenstein popped up like a meerkat, and his head may roll as a result.
  • Michael Moore has a new documentary out and people avoided it like they avoid sitting next to him in a bathroom stall.
  • Speaking of documentaries Sarah covers one that is centered around Google’s influence on the last election. SEO Collusion?!?!
  • Brad found a delightful tale about Matt Damon hustling Harvey Weinstein.
  • Jim Gaffigan may be the least offensive comedian out there – and the craft beer industry managed to get offended by him.



In case you may have trouble following all the news as it is breaking here is a guide to help you out.

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