Democrats Have Launched The Era of #MeToo McCarthyism


The movement originally founded to help victims has become weaponized as a political tool.


For the better part of a fortnight now (not Fortnight, mind you) we have watched unspooling the mystifying Democratic desperation to withstand the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. After weathering a week’s worth of questioning from Dem Senators that was more weary than withering, an entirely new phase of defense has sprung up in the eleventh-and-a-half hour.


With his professional career shown to be impeccable and beyond the reach of vaunted legal minds like Kamala Harris and Spartacus Booker the last-ditch attempt at taking down Kavanaugh has resorted to spurious charges emanating from his high school years. These gauzy, opaque accusations of fumbled sexual aggression are being held up by the Left as all that is needed to curtail, and ultimately derail, his nomination.

This is dangerous and it needs to be fought back, now. Otherwise this will become entrenched and held as our new standard for political approval — and it is one few if any will be able to withstand. We currently have Democrat leaders holding press conferences and sitting in with journalists as they speak definitively of Kavanaugh being guilty of sex crimes. This is all based on evidence that would not hold up in preventing a job interview for a Chuck E. Cheeze floor manager.

That Christine Blasey Ford has not brought anything tangible regarding verifiable proof has no impact on the accusers; the charge is enough for them to resort to invective of guilt. Dr. Ford has delivered notes from her therapy session in 2012, and she provided the name of a key witness who could support her claim. When questioned on details of the notes Dr. Ford declared the therapist took down the information incorrectly. When the friend, Leland Keyser denied any knowledge of such a party Dr. Ford’s lawyer impugned the memory of Keyser, saying it was over 35 years back and her recollection was inaccurate.


This means Ford offered up evidence the accuracy of which she then compromised, and offered up a potential witness whose testimony her lawyer disputed. This is the foundation upon which Democrats have constructed a character-shredding machine to take down Kavanaugh. Sen. Mazie Hirono has said to the men of this country they need to “shut up” and “do the right thing”, which involves her directing us on how to comport ourselves based on her assumption of guilt. Yea, that is not about to happen, Mazie.

Sitting in with CNN’s Jake Tapper the Hawaiian Senator – who is fundraising off of the charge of Kavanaugh’s assured depredations – was asked directly if the Judge should have the presumption of innocence (a foundation legal standard in this country). Said Hirono: “I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases.” Astounding. He’s guilty not based on evidence, but because she doesn’t like how he operates.

Dr. Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, declared that the burden of proof of this attack does not rest with her client. Well, there is a new wrinkle to centuries of legal practice; now the accused has to disprove a negative??? As farcical as that sounds, Katz actually has that fractured theorem supported by another lawyer from the side of victim empowerment. Robbie Kaplan, co-founder of the Time’s-Up Legal Defense Fund, stated that since no one has been indicted there is no need to follow these legal standards.


This has been a common refrain from the left. Since we are not dealing with an actual trial then the basic tenets of our legal system somehow do not apply — in vetting someone for the highest court. But this has become the new tenet from these pitchfork prosecutors. Questioning the accuser is an attack on a victim. Denials by Kavanaugh are said to be proof of wrongdoing. Demanding evidence is declared as being in support of rape. Following legal precedent is denying the victim her rights.

All manner of legal propriety is being tossed aside in order to witch hunt someone up for the highest legal position in the U.S. Consider another bastardization of law that is in play here. Normally those charged with crime as a minor will see those convictions tossed once the individual reaches adulthood. Yet somehow we are ruling on Kavanaugh’s actions as a minor, when there had been no crime reported, to say nothing of a lingering conviction. This is considered not only proper but a necessary element to be made public by the Democrats, and the media.

The actions of Dr. Ford, the Democrats in the Senate — as well as many in the press ranks — show that they desire to have this methodology established. If they can have it cemented as the new norm that a woman coming forward with claims is all that is needed to destroy a political adversary then the new Red Scare will have arrived. If you think this is hysterical hyperbole from me, look at how this whole story derived.


Once she elected to come forward with her charge of serious sexual crimes note that Dr. Ford did not go to the authorities. Though today she says she desires an FBI investigation, her first point of contact was made over two months ago — to the Washington Post. Next she reached out to her politicians, and then retained the services of Katz as her representation. They took it upon themselves to conduct a lie detector test, at a time when she was stating she had no desire to come forward. It was over eight weeks before mention of an investigation was spoken.

This is establishing the methodology. If a female is going after the correct political target she will be completely backed by politicians, put in touch with the proper lawyers, and given the support of a compliant media. The story will come out and the reliance of legal comportment becomes a completely fluid condition. Since it is not a trial then the need for evidence is dispatched, while the admission of other evidence normally disregarded (like polygraphs) is expected to be entered as definitive.

This is the #MeToo McCarthyism made manifest. Should Kavanaugh be rendered by this game plan then the blueprint will flow to construction, and the establishment of the political hit will be completed. It needs to be beaten back, or this will become the new norm in D.C.


The dark irony will be that a precedent will be set, as they jettison all manner of other legal standards.


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